Activating the Intelligent Heart by Awakening the Primary Senses – Blog Part iv


When we allow ourselves to resonate with our senses, we begin to open to the birth of our hearts at a new level of consciousness. If we “intend” that our “hearts” primary senses can be activated for “remembering” our intent shapes our destiny. Allowing the forces of nature to assist in your hearts remembering brings you to a space of pure delight in the process of being human. You are feeling this light and power resonate through you as you open up to the world of a most spectacular light show in your consciousness.

You are asking now for this energy to be around your whole molecular structure, as you bring to your world this remembering. Believing in this precious remembering is allowing the space of light and magic to envelope you as you create in this remembering your power and light. You are feeling the energy surround you now, and you are magnifying your intent every time you give love and energy to your intent.

For it is the intent that brings you home to yourself, and it is your intent that shapes your destiny. Your destiny is a malleable thing. Intent shapes it. Your intent can create miracles. Your intent creates your world. Intent is the miracle. Your activation of intent starts with a feeling of love for yourself, which starts out with one tiny strand of knowing and grows to a forest.

Imagine your intent magnifying to create a forest of unbelievable ‘self love’. This forest of unbelievable ‘self love’ magnifies and brings to your world “All Love”, and “All Love” brings the whole essence of being into one whole. Allowing this essence to shape your world brings you into resonance with all there is. You are love.

The world of nature assists in the hearts remembering because it activates our five primary senses. When our heart’s five primary senses are activated we begin to re-mem-ber.

As you begin to activate your senses through your heart, your heart will begin to ‘feel’ safe and create with you. There is an outpouring of suppressed toxic material and you may wish to support yourself professionally in getting counseling etc. for your pain. An animal caught in a trap cries loudly in pain, so do you, as suddenly the shock of suppressed emotion can find you stuck and hurt. Be gently with yourself, but get the pain source removed. The animal must wait for release, or it can die. Be prepared to answer your pain, by getting help at many levels. Listen to the pain, and act, release the source of that pain.

This pain is the trigger for your newly merging self as you drive yourself deeper into your heart. The feeling of knowing your heart is the very organ being punished brings you to a space of surrender, absolute surrender and faith in living primarily through your intelligent heart.

Heart I Love you,




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