Activating the Intelligent Heart’s Endocrine Function – Part ll

Dr Shelly Sykes my new agent in California - "GetSyked"
Dr Shelly Sykes my new agent in California – “GetSyked”

More from my new book soon to be released; “Awakening the Intelligent Heart” with Lisa Malcolm.

Now that your heart has been awakened, it is time to introduce it to its many functions. By initiating your heart to its endocrine function, you are now co-creating with yourself in wellness, bringing strength and rejuvenation to your newly awakened heart.
The heart is a flexible organ, a living breathing intelligence, a huge hormonal pumping station. It responds to emotions like sadness and losses in the heart by pouring more energy into the troubled wound. If the heart goes into shock with grief, loss, the energetic damage can be enormous, as it puts a great strain not only on the heart, but the entire glandular system.
Right now you can activate your heart’s great reservoir of power through the moon, for restoration and renewal, youth and inner harmony.

“I am now activating my heart as an endocrine gland, the ‘Master Healer’ that controls all the glands of my body.”
“I now ask that this awakening be taking place now in my cellular memory.”
“I turn towards the moon and the restorative powers of the moon to renew and heal my heart.”
“May this be taking place now in the name of love and light and in the name of my absolute divine truth.”

Now the focus is on you, and you are in the spotlight. Just imagine you are formally in the spotlight in your life.
Find your centre. Do this now.
Find within yourself your absolute divine centre, and radiate out to the world, this centre; the centre of your heart’s endocrine gland. Feel that now. Just allow this feeling to bring you all you need now. Right now you are the centre of your life, and you are embodying that centre, this centre being your heart as an endocrine gland!

Heart I Love you, carmel.



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