Activating the Intelligent Hearts Endocrine Function

When you begin to see your glandular system being governed by the Heart as a gland, your whole view of reality changes. Suddenly your reality is not being distracted by your intelligent mind, but your ‘intelligent heart’, which releases hormones to support your life.

It is our endocrine systems that regulate most of our body’s functions. The glands of the endocrine system communicate via the release of hormones; these are the body’s chemical messengers. They transfer information throughout the body and influence almost every cell. The heart is a flexible organ, a living, breathing intelligence, a huge hormonal pumping station. It responds to emotion, sadness, and losses in the heart by pouring more energy into the troubled wound. If the heart goes into shock with grief and loss, the energetic damage can be enormous, as it puts a great strain not only on the heart, but the entire glandular system. The major glands of the endocrine system are: the heart, hypothalamus and pituitary glands, thyroid and parathyroid, adrenals, pineal gland, the reproductive organs, and the pancreas. This system and related hormones have a large influence on us. They regulate our moods, cell growth, development, tissue function, metabolism, and sexual and reproductive functions. So, when you consciously activate the heart as an endocrine gland, the whole body becomes strengthened, and you will feel the energy of it bringing to you your ability to rejuvenate.

When our endocrine systems are functioning fully we can receive and decode the full spectrum of light properly and the information embedded in it can therefore be utilised. We already know that a well functioning endocrine system is an essential component of good health for the individual. We must also realise that the fully functioning endocrine system benefits humanity’s collective consciousness as well. It has been suggested that the malfunctioning of the human endocrine system causes humanity to be unable to fully assimilate the information embedded in the sun’s light and contributes to the fear-based paradigm existing in human society on Earth today.7 The range and integrity of the code we are able to assimilate, forms part our collective experience and as more individuals activate their endocrine systems, we will receive the full range of light into the unified field of collective conscious- ness, forming critical mass and transcending into a more loving world.

By loving ourselves and our world enough to experience this energy, much, much more is being produced. Ask yourself now, how does that feel? Describe how you feel right now being able to access this incredible download of raw energy to yourself. Activating the heart’s endocrine function brings to the intelligent heart a space to experience bliss! When you are bliss filled, endorphins fill the body with light and energy.

You are releasing these endorphins into your body now, charging it and filling it with light. Allow this process to take place now, so you can fully embrace the light. Feel the power surge through your body, opening and charging it to receive even more light and power. When you allow yourself to experience this energy, more energy is produced and you are holding light, power, and strength in your body.

By allowing yourself time to reflect on what your heart is actually capable of, hormones are released supporting not only your life, but all humanity as well.

Happy heart hormones world!

Heart I love you, 


Reference from my book: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart a Blue Print for Living in the Now.


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