Allow yourself to SELF NURTURE


To trust yourself enough to say…”I am not coping right now”;……”I have too much going on”; ……..”I can’t do this anymore”;  implies you are not SELF NURTURING

For you to be able to say this is an admission that the gears are not working, and the “mind machinery” has just jammed.

You are OVERLOADED Mentally .

Self Nurturing is fundamental to “being human”,  yet Self Nurturing often suggests “pamper packs, or “indulgences.” In a world which denies our basic HUMAN RIGHTS to be NURTURING to the SELF.

With anxiety, and depression the “norm” yet the thought of “pulling the plug” from the mind and it’s reptilian Force repels so many people; we cannot be SEEN to be NOT coping.

What is Self Nurturing and what will it do for me right now? 

To witness the birth of yourself, and declare ……..”I can take care of myself” ;  You are demonstrating Self Responsibility. If I buy a pet, plant, land, car etc, and take care of it; Why do I can take care of these more than ‘ME’.

By being Self Responsible is the beginning of Self Nurturing. 

I have taken ‘ME’ home from the “SHOP”;  What must  I do for this ME now?

Giving yourself space to say:

 I am only responsible for my care, my emotional safety, and spiritual Self Sustainability;  is a giant leap in terms of Personal Consciousness.

“I’ve just got to look after …ME …first”.  ONCE ME; has been acknowledged, she/he can open the gateway to Self Nurturing. 

You decide what you need.  You are earthed enough to know you need nourishment both inner and outer.

Self Nurturing brings us home to our Heart, our Earth and why we choose to become human.

Earth life imposes terrors of destruction, beauty, and creation .

Earth Mother is Self Nurturing.   A FORCE with vast intelligence which you can attune to;  to help you Earth and Self Nurture.

When overloaded; Ask yourself this question:

“Am I too angry, tired,  or emotional right now?

If YES is the answer, check in, you are not SELF NURTURING.

Plug into the Earth, to her Forces, and Elements;  her vastness and intelligence which we are just beginning to acknowledge

Say to your SELF, to nurture ME

Earth Mother is listening. She is the HELP LINE.

Heart I Love you, Carmel.


COURSES and TRAINING PROGRAMMES Available NOW to assist you to Self Nurture:  Courses are available either IN PERSON or ONLINE.

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