Are you Consciously Activating your Mitochondrial DNA?

Our cells contain Mitochondrial DNA; it comes only from our mothers. It is our direct feminine lineage and it is the power source of our cells. By consciously activating your Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) you tap into a wondrously rich reservoir of raw power and your body becomes rejuvenated and charged with source energy.

The Mitochondrial DNA is the trigger for the complete restructuring of your humanness. This new definition of being human is now being offered to you, as you demand to have “all the information” that being human offers. When your heart’s intelligence is fully activated and awakened, this remembering becomes possible.

Whether your gender is male or female, your Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) is inherited only from your mother, unlike the linear, double helix DNA that is inherited from both parents, with one strand coming from your mother and one strand from your father that is located in the nucleus of the cell and is thus called nucleic DNA. The Mitochondrial DNA is circular and located in the cellular cytoplasm and comes only from the female.

The Mitochondrial DNA is the direct feminine lineage of humanity.

The Mitochondrial DNA is the powerhouse of our cells.

Scientists have traced the lineage of our MtDNA all the way back to a woman who lived in Africa an estimated 200,000 years ago. She is known as “Mitochondrial Eve.”

Mitochondrial Eve is our great grandmother; she is the common ancestor of all of the human beings existing on the Earth today. This does not mean that Mitochondrial Eve was the first woman alive, nor does it mean that she was the only woman alive at that time. What it does mean is that humanity’s feminine lineage, the common great, great, great, etc. grandmother of the present day human population was a black African woman, and we’ve all inherited her Mitochondrial DNA, thus she is known as Mitochondrial Eve.1

The Mitochondrial DNA holds the secrets for longevity and a disease-free life.

This DNA is now being recognized as having the power of powers to create a world of truth for humanity. Embedded in the MtDNA is the wisdom, power, and love of the source energy of humanity’s remembering. When we can attune to our MtDNA, we are connecting to the source energy of humanity’s remembrance, bringing wisdom, power, love, self-nurturing, and self-healing.

As well as holding information for the feminine lineage of humanity, the Mitochondria provide the energy for life. The Mitochondria are the power packs of our cells providing the body’s energy requirements. Mitochondria transform physical energy in the form of the food we ingest and the oxygen we inhale into a chemical energy form – ATP. ATP is a fuel that can be easily assimilated by the body’s cells; by activating your Mitochondrial DNA you tap into an abundant source of raw energy, bringing power and light to you, rejuvenating your cells, and providing powerful source energy.

ATP is a chemical called Adenine Triphosphate; it is the energy currency of life. It is not only human cells that are fueled by ATP, all complex plants and animals are fueled by this energy source of life. That is, apart from single-celled organisms (amoeba), all life on Earth is powered by Adenine Triphosphate.2 In luminescent plants and animals it is the reaction of ATP with a molecule called luciferon that creates the light allowing them to shine. In the oceans around 80% of animals are luminescent.3

The energy source for the cells of complex life forms on Earth is produced by the power pack of our cells, the Mitochondria.

When you consciously communicate with the Mitochondria and consciously activate your MtDNA, you give yourself a direct line into the universal energy source. Activation of the MtDNA brings to the surface an undiscovered source of raw power. The DNA activation is like tapping into a rich reservoir of raw power. This raw power brings so much energy to the whole nervous system. It is very important to keep focusing on just how magical and life changing your world is becoming with the source energy of this DNA.

All cells (except red blood corpuscles) must have at least one Mitochondria to provide it with energy and “life.” Some cells such as skin cells, usually have only one single Mitochondria, while some have hundreds and others such as our heart cells have thousands and thousands. The most densely packed mitochondrial area of our bodies is the heart. The mitochondrial material in our hearts is so highly concentrated, it has been estimated to be around 40% of the total matter in our hearts.4

Our hearts are jam packed with this raw energy source and just focusing on its source power will give your heart strength. The heart is flooded with energy and power, and the heart as an endocrine gland becomes activated.

The energy of this activation brings to the surface much suppressed grief as you begin to transit into a new view of your reality and its potential. You can begin to feel the power of this, as an atomic energy, exploding the power and light throughout your whole body. Feeling your body becoming charged up with source energy and power, allows you to really feel the magic of “All Love” in your life. Your world becomes one, with the source energy of raw power for your body. Feel this now.

Allowing this feeling brings you closer to the power of the ancients who knew this MtDNA and used it to bring might and power to their world.

Shaman and indigenous healers can take their consciousness to the molecular level and can bring back from these journeys, images and information including technical information previously unknown to them from the MtDNA.5  As well as being known by some spiritual practitioners, this has been confirmed by anthropologists studying the Shaman of the Amazon, who have also confirmed that when the Shaman speaks about the importance of restoring the feminine life force, they are talking about the Mitochondria.6

With the MtDNA activation you will begin to experience a worldview that encompasses light and power. Energy you did not believe you had will be made available to you.

Join me to learn how to consciously activate your MtDNA; to tap into this rich reservoir of raw power so your body becomes rejuvenated and charged with source energy, from your ABUNDANT Intelligent Heart.


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