Awakening The Intelligent Heart – Part iv

From my new book Awakening The Intelligent Heart ..Secrets of the Feminine DNA
As well as the double helix DNA inherited from our parents, our cells contain “Mitochondrial” DNA that comes only from our Mothers. It’s our direct feminine linage and it is the power source of our cells. By consciously activating your “MtDNA” you tap into a wondrously rich reservoir of raw power and you body becomes rejuvenated and charged with source energy.

The “Mitochondrial” DNA is the trigger for the complete restructuring of your humanness. The new definition of being human is now being offered to you as you demand to have “all the information” that being human offers. When your heart’s intelligence is fully activated and awakened, this remembering becomes possible.
Whether your gender is male or female, your “Mitochondrial” DNA is inherited only from your Mother. Unlike the linear, double helix DNA that is located in the nucleus of the cell and called nuclei DNA, that is inherited from both parents, one strand from our mother and one strand from our father.
The “Mitochondrial” DNA is circular and comes only from the female.

It is the direct feminine lineage of humanity.

It powers our cells.

Scientists have traced the lineage of our MtDNA all the way back to a woman who lived in Africa an estimated 200 000 years ago.
She is known as Mitochondrial Eve.

Mitochondrial Eve is our great grandmother, she is the common ancestor of all of the human beings existing on the earth today.
This does not mean that Mitochondrial Eve was the first woman alive, nor does it mean that she was the only woman alive at the time. What it does mean is that humanity’s feminine lineage, the common great, great, great….Grandmother of the present day human population was a black African woman and we’ve all inherited her Mitochondrial DNA, thus she is known as Mitochondrial Eve.

Embedded in the MtDNA is the wisdom, healing, strength, the love, nurturing and the power of Mitochondrial Eve, and of all the women that have come before her and all the women that have come after her. When we can attune to our MtDNA, the wealth of stored information can be felt, gifting us with strength, wisdom and nurturing and enriching your life immeasurably.

The MtDNA holds the secret for longevity and a disease free life, this DNA now is being recognised as having the power of powers to create a world of truth for humanity.

Heart I love you,




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