Awakening the Intelligent Heart Part – V

The last of this series of Blogs from my new book with Research Scientist Lisa Malcolm..
Awakening the Intelligent Heart – Part V

Your heart has the biggest energy field of your body and at the centre of it’s centre is a point of singularity that is both infinitely small and infinitely dense. It is a doorway within your body to the universal vacuum, a doorway to the infinite.

When your heart unfurls into it’s fully functioning, awakened, intelligent self, it can come into harmonious resonance with the unified field and you truly can become one with the ‘field’. This field of oneness, that has gone by many names,the ether, the vacuum, the zero point field, or put quite simply ‘space’ permeates all things. Our physical world that seems so solid to us, our tables, chairs, walls, bodies everything in our physical manifest world is 99.9999% space. The atoms themselves are 99.9999% space. The interesting thing is that ‘space’ isn’t empty, in fact ‘space’ is incredibly dense, it is so dense that at the same density, all the actual matter in our entire known universe would fit into an area of space just 1cm cubed. This incredibly dense space, permeates All things.

We are now coming to a conscious understanding of the workings of this field of ‘oneness with the all’. We stand at a timeless time in humanity’s collective consciousness, when the hints left to us by those who’ve attained this knowledge before, and the deep intuitive wisdom in our hearts that has been expressed by mystics and sages throughout the ages, is merging with the current level of scientific knowledge. With the breakthrough discoveries and unifying theories of Nassim Harremein, we are now at a place where, for the first time in humanity’s modern history, the wisdom of the sages and our ancient symbology is in attunement with our mathematical equations and scientific knowledge.

When you surrender your heart to this field, there is an infinite expansion and within the surrendered sacred heart is more love than you can ever imagine.
The field you never left awaits you.

You need to allow yourself to explore this space, not in a linear way, but, just a heart felt knowing that you have known it all along. Be kind to yourself in this process.

Heart I Love you,




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