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Be very aware of the shift In energy all around you; to be in your vibration is to give NO  energy to your past PATTERNS and betrayals.

Our immersion through the heart of remembering activates now.

Absoluteness, the sense of absoluteness in everything is just so magical and special that you cannot even begin to go there in your human landscape. It allows the special trust and truth to emerge in oneness for your life of wonder for yourself.

Allowing this life of wonder for your truth brings you home to yourself so you are able to believe and trust in the processes that guide your way home. You are now beginning to tap into a rich reservoir of truth for the mystery. You are feeling the need to just bring to your world this vibration of pure love and safety now for your truth. You are love.

Trusting in the sacred law of universality brings you home to yourself in a special and magical way. You are feeling the energy of universality encode itself on you as you really begin to feel the presence of the shining ones all around you.

Feeling the sacred presence of the shining ones allows the essence, energy, and love to grow. Feeling the essence, energy, and love grow around you feeds your need to really know you and all of life are one, and that all of life feeds your creative capacity.

Just trusting the sacred law of universality brings you home to yourself and you must remember you are allowed to really feel the presence, energy, and oneness of this sacred law. The sacred law of universality just keeps growing inside you, as you feed into the essence and oneness all of life brings, feeding into this oneness and peace in all of life.

In all of life there is living peace and oneness for the mystery. The living energies of the mother bring peace and oneness, and I, Isis bring to you now this peace and oneness for your struggle to hold your truth in a hostile world that doesn’t respect truth. You need now to just feel and be part of the world which offers the magic and oneness in all of life, and allow this magic and oneness to be all around you. You need to merge into this feeling now. Just step into it and feel the magic of this new adventure you are giving yourself. You are encoding your cellular memory to accept new frequencies for the law of universality now.

All living intelligences speak from this space of this truth, and you must begin to allow yourself to feel this now. You are love.

Affirmation: “I am now allowing this new view of my humanness to be encoded upon me now as I open up to the law of universality.”

This law is sacred, and I the mother Isis bring this information to you now so you can be part of the sacred mystery of creation.


REFERENCE: My Book: The Alchemies of Isis Embodiment through The High Priestess.


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