Birthing your First Remembering

The biggest challenge in accepting the birth of something new, is in releasing.
What are you prepared to let go of, to birth your new creations; relationships, career or new self.
Take a deep breath now, sometimes it’s very hard to let go of something cherished.  We all love the excitement of creation birth brings, so what must we surrender for this new space within us to take place?
When we let go and fully release the past the birth process activates. Begin now to prepare for your own birth by releasing belief patterns which hold back the new birth.
Continually I am hearing from people all over the world that there is an Ascension or shift taking place.
With this shift brings an intuitive understanding that we must all birth collectively a new earth.
Having just returned from a teaching tour to Egypt, I felt this shift in Egypt since the revolution in 2011 and crisis 2014.  I met seventeen Egyptian women, all professionals (from an eye surgeon to an international flight attendant etc) who have established healing cleansing circles for activating Egypt’s sacred sites. So many men are supporting this process.
Let ‘s embark now on the greatest birth of all; the birth of yourself in love for yourself.
No birth can take place without love.
Here is a “release” checklist:- 
Am I physically stuck in relationships, career or life generally?
Do I feel depowered,  and don’t have a real creative outlet?
By clearing the pathway of your own disused patterns in self love, relationships, etc you open up to your power and light to create permanent change.
If you want more energy, rejuvenation, this is the way to do it.
Clear out your past, and open your pathway. Easy.
Really look at your path, what blocks it?
In my just finished manuscript to be released this year, I invite you to reflect on witnessing your own birth beginning as a cell.
Imagine birthing yourself again, with full remembering (meaning the remembering has in it all you ever were and will be.). If you can visualise this you will begin to receive in your life.
Cellular Remembering is just that.  It is the Activation of the first Cell in its Remembered state.
Go into yourself as a cell by visualising yourself in a balloon (make it iridescent ) You are floating in it as consciousness.  Your consciousness now is fully alive to your potential in its remembering.
The first remembering is sound which comes through vibration.
What is the sound you are hearing in this remembered state? This sound is the sound of remembering for you. It is the place where you had your first remembering experience.
This place of remembering is being encoded through your cell now.
Feel now your cell multiplying, and talking to, the other cells, recoding them to remember the first sound.
You have just given birth to your new self.  You weep at the enormity of who you are . Look at me!  I  am just so unbelievable! Just feeling this now brings you a sense of pure peace, may be for the first time in your life.
Happy birthing readers.
Heart I Love you,

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  1. sharon allen

    Have read through the Birthing three times Carmel and benefit from it more each time .. thank you

  2. TIm

    There is sooo much wisdom here and I can deeply relate. I am going through just such a time in my life. One day I woke up so depressed I could not get out of bed until my little chihuahua started licking my face as though to say “Dad, get over it, it’s time to feed and walk us”. As the day went on I came to realize that what I was feeling was the death of who I had been and accepting that death and allowing it to occur helped me to overcome those feelings and look towards a better future.

  3. Annie

    Thanks again Carmel for your great words of wisdom again. Everyone needs this at the moment with so much upheaval in the world.xx

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