Core Identity – Part IV

Believing in yourself as the centre of your universe requires a huge shift in consciousness, as we are conditioned to see ourselves as accessories to other people’s needs, thereby giving our power away to these expectations of ourselves in relation to others.

Your life reflects what you give! Look at all aspects of your life now, and see where your ‘CORE’, your inner picture, or vision of yourself keeps fading from view when you are presented with the enormity of being human.
Just super-impose this image of your perfectly balanced ‘CORE’ self and say to yourself; “Would she/he behave like this?”

We are magical beings having an experience on the merry-go-round of life. Look at your ferris wheel now!
Are you just jumping onto any new emotional encounter, not knowing why you are creating an experience which is just amusing you or diverting you from the central axis of your being?

Spin, by all means, but allow your consciousness to be fully anchored in your ‘core’ identity, and feed these experiences into your core.
For example, you may like to ask: “How is this experience I’m now about to share with others strengthening my core identity?”
A gentle shift in awareness brings the experience, the giving back to you, and you can, and should feel enriched by the magical happenings all around you.
Feeding your ‘core’ is not feeding your ego. You are not a narcissist in this new view of yourself.
It is just the opposite. A person with a strong ‘core’ identity radiates out powerful magnetic energy, just like sun beams, enlivening and enhancing every single encounter.
Spin with the experiences life gives you, but remember you must feed your core.




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