Core Identity – Part ll

We live in a world which is continually trying to reshape us to fit into a “cultural pattern”, which only supports an ’emotionally based’ identity.
What is an “EMOTIONALLY BASED” identity?
Quite simply, MANIPULATION. Continuously we are being told/dictated to by our media and social communicators etc, who exploit a view of our emotional reality, which doesn’t support our “core” identity as the only reality we must have.
An agenda-driven media tells us what we must eat, wear, how we must behave, etc, which can conform to an “adolescent” view of our reality.

In exploring your “core” identity and holding your identity firmly in your centre, your belly, you are developing ‘POWER’ over a transient reality being presented to you.

This visualisation is a powerful tool for helping you connect to your ‘CORE’
It only takes a few moments, and can be done anywhere anytime:

State..”.I am the centre of my universe.”
“Everything radiates from this space.”
Feel now yourself lying down, observing your naval. Imagine an energy cord, a golden rope, being drilled into the core, the actual core of the earth itself.
You begin to feel a magnetic pull from the earth spiralling up from the earth into your belly. Now allow it to spin outwards to the universal centre, the centre of centres, of all the universes and realms.

Energy is now being feed back into your naval, your centre. breathe it in, and keep focusing on the energy from the core and the universes right into your belly.
You receive an instant energy hit bringing you back to your ‘centre’.
Your “Self Respect” grows, you can discriminate more. Health in the belly area, may be relieved.
Your own energy and power grows and you wont need to ‘rely’ on others so much to support your dreams.

Try “Naval Gazing” friends.




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