Core Identity – Part lll

Creating a world view with “YOU” in the centre of it brings incredible life force and magnetic power.
Fixing your attention on desired outcomes for your day is one thing, but concentrating on your ‘CENTRE’ your ‘CORE’ as part of the process is paving the way for ‘self respect’ to grow.
The reason you must be the ‘CENTRE’ of your universe is the acknowledgement that you are ‘Self Respecting’ your totality to live with love, peace and truth in your life.
A mis-shaped identity where there is no ‘CORE’ is like a loose cannon ready to fire at anything.
You give your “Fire” power away, robbing you of your creative “Fire” energy.
The Flower of Life, the Ancient Egyptian symbol first seen on the Osirian well in Abydos, Egypt, is one of the most powerful symbols to reflect on when your core is mis-aligned.
Why? The Symbol creates a sense of sacred geometry and inner equiblirum in your belly centre.
By visualizing this symbol which is said; ‘to be the naval of the earth’s template for remembering’, you will be activating your belly centre and feeling it magnetizing itself like a stamp or seal on the earth’s core.
You are now locking yourself into the magnetic currents of the Earth’s centre, flowing the power back from the earth. Concentrating on what you must magnetize to your centre is an exercise which will assist you in magnetizing people, events, and circumstances to power your ability to become a magnetic human, alive to the endless possibilities your true heart feels.
Write your outcomes on the Flower of Life symbol energetically, and plunge the disc into the earth.
Feel the magnetic power of earth assisting you.
Power to you NOW. Friends.




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  1. George

    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Be certain to keep writing.

  2. Carmel Glenane

    Gratitude, I am happy you are inspired.

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