Core Identity – What is it?

Witnessing ourselves as ‘Beings’ having many shades enables us to really say:

Is this me talking? Is this my reality right now?

Our reality is what we co-create with in any given moment and it is the ‘Intent’ we feed ourselves every day; hour; or sometimes every minute which determines which Force we attract.

What is created for our Hearts must always reflect our ‘Core Identity’. The Core is the Matrix of what our legacy will be for our future and to trust in having a space to reflect on your Core Identity brings you back into the Focus needed for Intent to Manifest. To manifest through desire; need; emotional satisfaction only strengthens the ‘shade’ and hides your ‘Core Identity’ from yourself.

Be ruthless with yourself in this examination, as you ask yourself:

Why did I come to Earth? Why did I take a life?

To respect yourself enough to ask these hard questions is showing you the beginning of your consciousness evolving, bringing permanent change

Lets help you:

Earth Mother is a very powerful and co-creative Force to assist you in finding your ‘Core’ and she is your first Mother. She must always be your “Go To Being” when exploring your need to find ‘your Core’. She will remind you that you came to Earth to “RECEIVE LOVE” and to allow yourself the Gift of RECEIVING, before the mind takes control and demands its ‘pound of flesh’ daily.

Asking yourself:

Am I Receiving Love? (I am referring to Self Love as opposed to emotional love etc)

or Am I Giving Love in order to Receive?

“Core Identity” can be activated instantly by asking these questions. Your INTENT then becomes a living intelligence through ‘The Forces’ assisting you right now.

Be in Peace for your remembering.

You are here to RECEIVE LOVE!

Heart I Love you, Carmel.

Get connected to your INTELLIGENT HEART today:

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