“Core Identity”

Finding your ‘CORE’ identity and recognizing how important it is, is acknowledging to yourself that ‘YOU’ are important.

All life has a core, our earth’s core matrix, fruits/vegs etc have a core, exercise teachers tell us to ‘engage’ our core to strengthen our bellies.
“What is “CORE” Identity?” A Core identity gives you your “Centre”. When you know your Core Identity and work with this Core aspect of yourself, you are bringing to your world light and power.

I ask clients and students….”What is your Core Identity?” Mostly, they blink and stare, mentioning their roles society has given them. Mother / father, business owner, wife / husband. When I challenge this definition by showing them that these IDENTITIES are not necessarily their Core, they become confused.

This is a fun exercise to give yourself right now.

What is your Core Identity? One client said “I am Love” Good, now you are beginning to recognize yourself outside the paradiam society’s roles have given you.
However, I challenge you to go beyond the general term of “LOVE” and create a statement of belief about yourself as a human.
When you can embody an aspect of a new reality about yourself, i.e. I am a High Priestess, or Priest (for men), I am an Immortal Woman, I am a daughter of the Great Mother, you are engaging your CORE through the vibration of this energy, bringing through the light and power of this energy force.

Try it.
Acknowledging your centre, your Belly, is a statement of our power to be the centre of our universe. Energy and life force radiates to us, so we can give generously.

Engage your ‘CORE’ whenever you feel you are not receiving. It works.!




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