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To begin the journey of Self-discovery is to Invite a part of yourself, that has never been Activated to be Born.  When you ALLOW the programming of your CELLULAR MARTRIX to ACCEPT this NEW ASPECT of Yourself; your journey in human form will become one of a New Discovery of Yourself Every Day.

Invite your HEART to co-create with you in this Magical Mystery Tour.

Let’s Begin:

“I Accept that Beings (you can call them “IMMORTALS“) will support me in making these changes in my life”.

Begin by programming yourself every night before sleeping to give you the New Frequency and Codings these LOVING HEART CENTERED BEINGS bring you.

Simply asking your Cellular Memory to Accept these New Frequencies by Intoning before sleep:

  • “I now command my Cellular Memory to Accept New Frequencies.”
  • “I am now asking for Immortality to become part of my everyday world”.
  • “I am now an Immortal”.

Reprogramming is as simple as charging a Clear Quartz Crystal; or HOLDING an INTENT for LOVE to Develop in your Central Core Matrix, for yourself to Activate Every Cell in your body.  For this New Aspect of yourself to begin to create a new and powerful life for you.

Recording your experiences in a diary and really Challenge Core beliefs you have about yourself to be brought into you awareness.  When they are brought to your awareness; you can simply Transmute them and Command that they NOT be part of your everyday experience.

You will begin to develop a FEELING of OPENING UP to your CORE IDENTITY; growing as The Force of the Loving Beings “The Immortals” begins to reshape your Totality.

As we are TRANSITING into a New Humanity, you must be aware of the Daily; sometimes Hourly Challenges you face against Fear humans are experiencing right now in your family; community, work and shared beliefs.  Continually BE VIGILANT against these ‘Dictators of Fear Based Paradigms’  holding you back from your IMMORTAL HEART!

Birth yourself now; visualise WINGED RAINBOW SCARABS (beetles) ALL Around you ALLOWING you to Transform Consciousness.  FEEL them Resting on your Heart; supporting the mergence with them and you.

Your TRUST in SELF DISCOVERY, to make these changes to ACCEPT NEW FREQUENCIES and Reprogramming old patterns brings TRANSFORMATION.  Now that is exactly what we as a species need right now.

It is a Magical Mystery Tour!


Fly to the  “WINGED ONES”.    BE a Winged Rainbow IMMORTAL.

HEART I Love you All,

Carmel and The Immortals.

REFERENCE: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart.(page 199)



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