Creating with your own – Core Identity

How do you allow yourself to create with your own identity?
Ask yourself now, “who am I?”
When you state ‘Who You’ are at the core level, more will be given to this identity.

It’s really easy to say…”I am a MUM, …”I’m an executive with an oil company.”….”I’m a scientist!”
Look at your business card, (if you have one, or make an imaginary if you don’t have one!)

What does this identity state? Is it your Core?
Today in consultations with clients, I asked them what their ‘CORE’ identity was. My first client said….”I shapeshift, I can be anything I want to be….( interesting) I could see she was looking for a way to earth this ‘CORE’ or even understand it.
My second client’s response seemed easier…. “I’m over my job, 25 years in the same industry.” “I certainly need a new identity”…
I could see the pattern of response.

What is the CORE Identity?

When you locate and identify yourself at the ‘CORE’ level, it will be the beginning of lasting and permanent change. Try and reflect on what you are really HERE for and what YOU want to achieve for your own truth by living on this planet.
After you have located your ‘CORE’ identity…. EARTH it……  Imagine yourself travelling down to ” meet and greet” ‘Mother Earth’, (with yourself as a “child” if you wish.)
“Mother Earth, I am just about to be born on Earth. My essence, my total being-ness needs expressing in the Human Body.”

If you haven’t yet decided on your ‘CORE’ identity, your energy and drive is dissipated serving different emotional aspects of yourself.
If finding your core is a struggle, see this as being normal. The following exercise may help:

With my clients and students I get them to feel through the vibration of sounds; allowing classically pitched crystal singing bowls, colour, and the mineral kingdom represented in the bowls, all combine to allow you to flow into finding your Core Identity.

The following passage from my book “The High Priest”, may further assist the process.

. ‘plant some flowers in this rich nourishing topsoil for your core identity. Choose your plants, see your ‘core’ flourishing in the balanced nourishment of your heart. The heart responds to this nourishing plant. The plant responds to the heart, (the plant being your core) identity, so the heart and your plant (your core) become one.
The saying “our thoughts create our reality” is so true.
What are you feeding those thoughts? How are they being created, to create your core, your being-ness, your essence.?
Imagine experiencing meditations like this in Egypt with sound bowl healing in the temples and sacred ancient sites.
You will be allowing yourself all this and more.

All love and all truth,

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