Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine holds the key to the Feminine Mysteries….

As the Great Goddess Awakens and allows you to consider yourself FIRST in all relationships… and First in Everything

Women find this difficult; sometimes Impossible to consider themselves FIRST…

The Divine Feminine principle is one of SELF LOVE and SELF NURTURING..

A Divinely Feminine woman is Magnetic… Power, Radiance and Inner beauty is Activated, when she allows herself; Strong Healthy Relationships, which essentially come from Herself, regardless of gender…

Source Energy

The Divine Feminine is the Source Energy for a new way of viewing your Feminine Self, this is a NEW PATHWAY

You are vibrating to RECEIVING BEFORE Giving… and then hoping to receive… The Divine Feminine allows you the experience of going to a new part of Yourself; rather like the experience of going to a totally unfamiliar region in a part of yourself that hasn’t been discovered before…

By Allowing yourself to TRUST in the Source Energy of the Divine Feminine you will RELEASE your limited Mind… The limited human consciousness that only knows One thing – Control over Love & control over others

The Challenge

The Divine Feminine challenges you at a Core Level to really go to a part of yourself that only know one thing – LOVE…

Your Core Divine Feminine identity (regardless of gender) through the Great Goddess allows you to really let go of All relationships that you feel can’t be managed in your life… By examining relationships you struggle with, the Loving energy of the Goddess become available to you to embark on an Inner Crusade. This Inner Crusade brings you now to a space of real awakening to the Divine Feminine

Magical Power

The Divine Feminine brings Magical Power, as The Goddess reveals Herself to you, bringing into focus your relationship with your CORE.

You begin to observe your Emotional reaction to (a person or people) in your space. By Observing your Inner Landscape – ie; watching Emotional reactions to people you choose Consciously (or unconsciously) to have in your space..The Divine Feminine allows you to source all old emotional agendas which often create unmet needs.. (fantasy relationships with various people from the past)

The Great Goddess allows you to become an Enchantress; who brings Magical Intent to ALL of Life.. This Enchantress Energy brings to you now sense of real Magic in your own power to Feel and control chaotic forces around you..

Receive Love

The Divine Feminine allows you to bring the secret gifts of the Great Mother to you.. This brings you into resonance with your Truth, which allows you to heal through the energy of the Heart; as it is the Heart, The Goddess heals when you need to Feel and RECEIVE LOVE…

RECEIVING LOVE is a Divinely Feminine principle as it opens you your Abundant Heart, bringing cellular rejuvenation; rejuvenating the cells you begin to reverse the ageing process.

The Divine Feminine is Urgently Needed in this chaotic world, where our civilization is struggling through imbalances created through controlling patriarchal belief systems..