Does our Consciousness affect the Nature of Reality?

When I listened to Nassim Haramein interview  where he outlines his ground-breaking quantum theory research, the biggest challenge is to translate the scientific quantum truth to asking ……

“How is this going to affect my life?”

“How will it make it better?”  

“How can it improve my  relationships with clients, students, loved ones, and lives of all I meet?”

It is an accepted scientific fact now that our CONSCIOUSNESS AFFECTS the NATURE OF REALITY.     WHEN we JOIN THE DOTS, to translate these new theories into our physical selves, our bodies will begin recoding  themselves. Our bodies have an infinite nature, (and you don’t have to be “spiritual” to believe this) we can choose to completely integrate our energy selves 

To create this new view of REALITY,  it is important to challenge ourselves against ALL past patterns, and understanding of OUR BEING.

How much of YOU is fully integrated into yourself; as a fully realised BEING?

Haramein challenges us by his definition which he calls the BLACK HOLE or ‘God’ particle within Us.

How do we completely integrate all our energy selves and JOIN THE BLACK DOTS? 

I believe when we are EARTHED we can begin to release the minds domination of our reality, and the emotional self.

To be FULLY EARTHED  is to live with NO emotional hook in and NO mind; releasing us from past patterns 

This observance of our  BLACK DOT ⚫️ in our 100 trillion cells are particles of infinity to challenge the Nature of REALITY, we are presented with.

Our current view of consciousness is to hand the problem to ‘someone else’, robbing us on our infinite potential.

Imagine now building our own TEMPLE’S with our 100 trillion cells so we can live fully integrated lives.

Birthing  this vision in our collective consciousness we allow our structure to be  joining THE ⚫️ BLACK DOTS.

There are 100s of TRILLION of  universes living  in our bodies.  When we are EARTHED,  Earth Mother can assist through her matrices, and ley lines under her Earth and her magnetic field around Earth herself.    

As Haramein demonstrated in his bus ride; he took his consciousness out of his body to this space within infinity, and reversed it when he was back sitting in the bus. (he was testing his research theories after a class) 

He did not take his consciousness to the black dot of the Earth.

Try now and visualise your VISION, your template for what you want for your life, being Earthed and given to the Earth through EARTH Mother’s Forces, energy belts, ley lines and elements.

Just pretend …….. you are in your BLACK DOT, give your vision it solidity, by visualising energetically and give it to EARTH MOTHER  

In doing this, you are Constructing the ley lines of your truth filled HEART;  activating your Forces of Remembering.

Bring the completed template of your own personal vision  (perfect physical emotional spiritual health, or whatever) and take it to the core of the EARTH.

Allow the HEART of your VISION be protected.

Our affirmation together goes like this:

“I now keep myself open, yet contained.

“I keep my vision powering for my dreams.”

“I am contained in the energy of my ⚫️ BLACK DOT. “



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