EVOKING The Law of Help to Birth Regeneration

To TRUST The Law of Help, when you are feeling overloaded, anxious or depressed is a GIFT you give not only yourself, but your loved ones; and the Shining Ones CAN be available to assist when life becomes uncomfortable.

For our species right now, there is an Ancient Immortal Law of Help, which can be Activated to assist ALL who need Help.

For example: right now, you may be feeling some or all of the above. If so; EVOKE The Law of Help to assist you.  If not, and you are doing OK, be open to Allowing your Heart to birth a new level of Consciousness; Evoking The Law of Help, allows Vibrational Beings to co-create with you to support our people and ALL distressed Beings /Plants /Animals who may need support too.

To allow yourselves the gift of just saying: “I can help! What can I do?”  Births Collective Remembering of ALL Love and the One Heart vibration to support you right now.

EVOKING assistance for pain is the greatest act of courage you can do for yourself when you are faced with a crisis. You are really able to go into the Heart of yourself and find that tiny shard of Remembering that you are “ALLOWED” to feel overloaded, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. When there doesn’t seem to be an answer; the greatest Act of Courage and SELF LOVE is to SURRENDER to The Law of Help.

SPRING is the season of REGENERATION. Affirm to yourself:

“Where do I need Help to Regenerate myself right now?”

When do I regenerate myself? Think about when your personal rejuvenation takes place; you will regenerate yourself by deep contemplation alone. Your process of regeneration can take place in observing nature and bringing the forces of the natural world into your very being. Think of the season of regeneration: springtime. The feeling of Spring is Renewal. A sense of new life is the wellspring of regeneration. Breathe in the season of regeneration; breathe in springtime. The season of the abundant, natural world is at the core of a renewal in you, and this sense of renewal and regeneration will bring with it your sense of well-being. A sense of being a positive, regenerating energy enfolds you now.


“I am unfolding in my ability to regenerate myself by bringing in the positive health-giving benefits of springtime, the season of regeneration. Immortality is new life. I am bringing in new life to me now! What new life can I foster in me now? What newness is coming to me? I create new living things in me now! I am alive to creating newness in my life! What can I create today?”

The process of creation is newness, freshness, and commitment to making something unique. Say, “I am a unique creation myself. I am my own unique creation.” Create newness in yourself. Ask yourself, “Now what new way can I do this task? Complete this? Make this?”

Renewal and regeneration create commitment, and the immortality of the “self” is now allowing that regeneration and renewal to be a daily part of you. The process of observing all around you has no parallel reality; there is no other way. Just allow the spirit to merge into your totality through your breath, for your breath creates a “space” for renewal to take place. The breath is the sacred fire of creation. The breath is the sacred self-made perfect. It is just so easy and so amazing that a human’s conscious breathing can create consciousness instantly.

Be open to yourself now to Birth a New Level of Consciousness, through Evoking The Law of Help to Birth the ONE HEART of ALL Love and Magical renewal.


Peace in your Remembering,

Heart I Love you ALL.



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