Feel Peace.  Awaken your Intelligent Heart.

When peace becomes part of your “core” identity, your world changes to embrace this new reality,

What makes for this state of peace, and how does a healthy functioning heart contribute to it?

As the year has closed and we are in the season of peace, how does a healthy functioning intelligent heart contribute to this sense of inner stability, detachment, and order that peace brings? 

When you acknowledge your heart, you begin to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell with new awareness. Your heart’s senses can attune to frequencies and perceive information outside the normal range of the other sensory organs. Your heart’s eyes see more than your human eyes see. The heart’s intuitive perception connects to a field of information beyond normal conscious awareness. It is the heart that is the first part of the body to react in moments of what is commonly termed extra- sensory perception, and scientifically rigorous research has shown that the heart’s electromagnetic field is measured as being the first part of the body to show a reaction to a future event, before the event has actually happened. The heart scans the future and it receives, decodes, and responds to intuitive information and sends it to the cerebral brain, the second part of the body to show a reaction. The electrophysiological evidence shows that the heart is intrinsic to our intuitive process.3

The supporting story, in link below demonstrates how our hearts actually feel the presence of those we truly love.

A baby whose birth mother’s heart was donated by her family (she died in childbirth) to a donor (a young man.) The mother’s heart is beating in the recipient. The viewer sees the baby’s inconsolable weeping (despite the care and love the family demonstrate for the baby) the moment the baby feels the connection with the recipient who has its mothers heart he is immediately transported to bliss. 

By bringing awareness to your heart, knowing it has incredible capacity to perceive sensations (science has identified them as sensory neuritis) your hearts intelligence begins to awaken.

A simple exercise to support your hearts intelligent growth is to ask yourself:

What am I seeing now? 

What am I touching now?

What do I smell now? 

 What am I hearing now?

What do I taste now? 

The baby could sense his mothers heart without knowing she was dead; was intuitively connecting to his hearts senses. 

As the heart of his birth mum is alive in the recipient her heart essence is living on.

Birth your own heart, by really attuning to the five senses heightens the joy the festive season brings. 

It is the greatest gift you can give yourself, your loved ones and our world. 

Heart I Love You.


Reference from my book: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart a Blue Print for Living in the Now.


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Baby Recognises Mothers Heart LINK: https://www.facebook.com/iamyasinunal/videos/1814612098574814/

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