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When you first open up to the Intelligence of The Heart your Mind will always rebel.

Ancient wisdom teachings through the Sages told their Initiates :

*“Remember, when you are trying to state the problem, that its basic elements can never be clarified by the brain; but only by The Intelligence of the Heart of Osiris in man”.

 Opening up to this view of humanness through the Intelligence of The Heart, challenges you continually to redress the past.  If there is a past that is hurting you; then you must seek to find the answer within and Forgive that part of yourself now.

 Why am I the Rescuer?  Why am I always the one who has to sort out everyone’s problems? IE Loved Ones; Friends; Colleagues etc.

 By FORGIVING this Part of Yourself, you are finding no fault with anyone – only yourself.  I am finding Fault with ME.  I am allowing that part of myself that is Disconnected to Become Connected again.It is important at this point to Connect again and you can do this by acknowledging to your Heart its creation (or Black Heart) that you are connecting again by visualising a BLUE FLAME in the Centre of your Heart.  This Blue Flame is now burning away ALL Rescuer aspects of yourself.

I am allowed to find fault with me.

 By inviting Earth Mother to help you; visualising yourself under Her vast and dense Crystalline Intelligence.  You can take your Heart to Hers; and ignite them together with the Blue Flame.

True Forgiveness begins at this point.  You have Surrendered; as the past just dissolves and merges into nothingness. Visualise this past, just slipping away.  Like a boat, just drifting away.

This is the most important part of Being your TRUE Authentic Self.

This sense is a compassionate one for yourself and as we know, this is the HARD PART; finding COMPASSION for YOURSELF.

If you just don’t think compassion, as an intellectual thing; (remember the trickster: the Mind, always waiting to snag you) you will begin to make RELEASING the PAST a DAILY RITUAL/ACTIVITY.

For Example:

What part of myself needs releasing today from my past?

Feel the Emotion which triggers you throughout your day and make a log of what needs connecting up again.  Much “Self-Abuse” ( I.e. mental health, emotional instability etc) can be eliminated by acknowledging your own “Self” .

This “Self “ is your Hearts intelligence.

When we don’t acknowledge the “Self”;  The Heart; old  “Self-abuse” patterns keep repeating  themselves, life time after life time.  This occurs at some level sub-consciously because you have not given time to yourself or wanted “Self Responsibility” at some level.  Sometimes you can feel this denial of responsibility to yourself and therefore perpetuate old self-abuse patterns  ie rescuer, victim, etc.

As in the Ancient world, Sacred Truths were experienced through Ancient Teachings and Orientations of the sites, Temples etc., so we can expect to find answers without the ever challenging Mind to take us off The Path of our Divine Right to LIVE Completely through the Guidance of our Intelligent Heart.

 Heart I Love you All.


REFERENCE BOOK : Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart


 HER BAK EGYPTIAN INITIATE – Isha Schwaller De Lubicz

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