Heart Sense

Did you know your heart can feel, and has sensory perceptions?
What’s more, it communicates with the cerebral brain and sends messages to it.
Neuro-cardiologists have discovered these amazing secrets of the heart’s intelligence.

The remembering of your heart’s intelligence will be activated by bringing awareness to the sensory perception of the heart, focusing on the type of sensory experience that most resonates with your heart, will bring it to its remembering. The capacity to really believe in your heart’s remembering will develop your receptivity to all around you. You will be allowing your own heart to shine with energy and radiance all the time. The energy and radiance of a fully awakened intelligent heart brings you into a space of remembering all you ever were, as your vibration takes you higher into yourself. Feel your energy right now; you are resonating with a new frequency that brings light and energy to your remembering.
This is a time to really feel the essence, energy and life force of this remembering, bringing you all you need right now. Your truth becomes revealed at this time and your truth will bring you home to yourself. You are allowing the special light and energy to grow your capacity to feel and to experience this feeling, in a new and powerful way. You are feeling now, your remembering, connecting you deeply to your ability to feel. This feeling brings you into a space of absolute joy in the capacity to know that your heart can see, feel, taste, touch, smell and have this remembering.

The remembering is just so powerful now and you need to really feel your truth, in its power and light. You are opening up to the world of absolute joy in this remembering process now. Allowing this to happen opens you even further to your truth. Your heart needs to really allow you to experience the magic of this remembering. Bring now your essence to your heart in this remembering. Allowing the forces of nature to assist in your heart’s remembering, brings you to a space of pure delight in the process of being human. You are feeling this light and power resonate through you, as you open up to the world of the most spectacular light show in your consciousness. You are asking now for this energy to be around you and your whole molecular structure, as you bring to your world this remembering. Believing in this precious remembering will allow the space, light and magic to envelope you, as you create in this remembering: your power and your light. You are feeling this energy surround you now.

Allowing the spirit of complete trust in the surrender process brings your heart into alignment with its true purpose. It shines and begins to feel welcomed in the human journey. This is a sacred time in your earth journey right now, as you bring the peace and remembering to all that you do, think, and feel. As the newly awakening heart begins to stir from its slumber, it is like a tiny kitten opening its eyes to the world. Its eyes open for a few seconds, close, open a little longer, until the kitten is fully seeing, it is just like that with our heart. The frequency of “All Love” brings to humans now the energy of pure delight in the process of being human.

When we begin to really tap into this reservoir of power, we can fuel all our creations through our hearts senses.

Ok Heart “Lets try it!”

Heart I Love you,


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