How the Alchemy of Sound Awakens your Divine Feminine

This article was birthed when my Senju Kannon Reiki Master student (Leah Follett – Author of book Autistic to Artistic) asked me how Sound Healing would help awaken her Divine Feminine?

When you awaken to “The Divine Feminine” you are acknowledging your ‘Being’ needs nurturing. You have recognised your ‘self’, the portal of your hearts remembering needs nourishment. As you awaken, your energy must go inward and it is the frequency of Sound that activates this core remembering.

Why?  Sound opens the pathway to the Earth, stimulating your cells to become activated. When your cells become activated, you are giving to ‘yourself’.

The crystalline structure of rare and precious Earth minerals create a force field of energy stimulating the pathways of your ‘Divine Feminine’ through the singing bowls, entraining your heart to respond to sound frequencies brings to you now peace space and light.

All activations to ‘The Divine Feminine’ are rapidly accelerated through sound therapy with instruments, which when classically pitched, moves energy and matter. Sound frequency moves energy and matter, birthing the consciousness of ‘Mothers’ wisdom in your cellular remembering.

*Music is a powerful mood enhancer; it can relax or excite the listener depending on its qualities. Some traditions teach that it was sound that created the universe. Sound does have the ability to create form. Cymatics is a field of study that focuses on inert materials being animated by the sound waves of pure tones. When the materials used in cymatics (usually powder, pastes, or liquids) are “treated” with sound waves, they form into flowing patterns. These are the same geometrical patterns that can be seen in nature and in the sacred art and architecture of the world’s wisdom traditions. Writer and philosopher Goethe said that “sacred architecture is frozen music.” Water molecules when exposed to beautiful music also form into harmonious, structured geometric forms. Piano notes when made visible using cymascope technology show as “beautiful holographic bubbles, with shimmering kaleidoscopic patterns on their surface.” Sound frequencies are related to colour, form, and states of consciousness.

Listen to sounds you love whether it is beautiful music, the sounds of birds singing, water bubbling over rocks, the breeze fluttering the leaves of the trees, the sounds of the waves on the beach, children playing, or whatever it is that you enjoy listening to. Listen to the sounds that you love and hear them with your heart. (*from my book “Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart. page 46)

As I played a Platinum D note – Belly Chakra; Divine Mother B note – Crown Chakra; Ocean Indium/Laughing Buddha G note – Throat Chakra and Sedona Red Rock B note – Crown Chakra Alchemy singing bowls invoking my clients ‘Divine Feminine’ she reported experiencing “A sense of real Joy for the first time”. Experience the life changing alchemy of your ‘Divine Feminine’ by allowing this entrainment to take place by setting up your sacred space and intoning:

“I now allow the awakening of my Divine Feminine to take place now”.

“Earth Mother” hears your call, she helps you awaken those dormant stagnant spaces and brings you a sense of ‘reverence’ for who you are. Healing changes lives; Intent to resonate with the power of sound brings you into complete alignment with the Earths magnetic field, making you feel ‘Rock Solid’ in times of rapid acceleration of your hearts truth.

When you hear sound with your heart, you begin to allow your hearts intelligence to be birthed. Your Divine Feminine is calling you to bring you power, peace and light. 

Heart I Love you.  Carmel


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