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The true spirit of immortality is the essence of being human because you are not really human without it. This is the truth of your journey right now, and this journey will give you all you need to really attract the right type of people, events, and situations to you right now.

You need now to feel the strange energy of immortality around you because you have submitted to the will of your soul. This is your true truth; and your soul is your immortal self. Feel the deity’s nature and all that you trust your soul to be part of now growing your immortality.

This is a time now for the immortal soul to really connect with you in love for all of life; so bring to your life your essence and radiance for all of life in its immortal form.

Truth, peace, and surrender bring to you your immortal soul. Immortality is recognizing that you and your soul are one and that you and your soul will speak the same language: the language of immortality.

True love and peace for the immortal soul is now bringing to you all you need for your life of truth. This is a time to just release and speak to the immortal soul through everything. Everything is one, and the truth of who you are now is the joy, peace, and magnificence of all you are capable of.

“I am now in a space of light for my immortal soul to grow.”

Allowing yourself space to grow your immortal soul is your biggest challenge because you are struggling with the enormity of immortality, and this struggle is in itself the essence of immortality.

The essence of immortality is the surrender to the soul and a surrender to your magical truth of exactly what you have created. This is a time now to remember all you have chosen and will choose in the future; your immortal soul is your only reality because everything else is an illusion and a mere mirror of fear, disgust, disaster, and abandonment.

All of these energies are in competition for your immortal soul and seek to claim the soul for their development. You need now to really consider what you had and you need to feel the presence of the Immortal Ones now. The presence of the Immortal Ones can be called upon for assistance immediately; there is one of the above-mentioned energies; the soul is on a perilous path in human form, and you need to recognize this and seek to go beyond this.

The time is now to let yourself surrender to your true immortal self and fly your wings, knowing you are protected. All of life is about movement; nothing can stay still or it stagnates, becomes polluted, and rots; you just rot away if you become polluted.

Being in the presence of the immortal ones is an absolute joy, for you can release all to them. You need to feel that you can release to them and that they—the Immortals—are really allowing you to connect to them in divine love and peace. This is the time for allowing this aspect of yourself to be developed. You are radiating this acceptance of yourself when you believe in an aspect of yourself that needs developing.

Heart I Love you, All.


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