Imaging the Hidden Geometry of REIKI

When a British REIKI healer and teacher, Peta Morton was able to use imaging technology to discover the hidden geometric patterns through Reiki, she discovered it through sound. She used a CymaScope machine which was able to examine that the Reiki Energy was sent to the cells through a water membrane in a scientific experiment.

This research opens up The Gateway to viewing Energy Healing not as separate from scientific research, but bringing it into the mainstream. Geometric patterns were able to be viewed in water molecules, as she sent healing via Absent Skype Healing.

As a Reiki Healer and Teacher, it can sometimes be a challenge to demonstrate to a client (especially one who doesnt know anything about energy healing ) exactly how Reiki energy is received.

Whilst REIKI has always been described as life force energy, the ability to demonstrate that a water molecule membrane receives the REIKI force energy through sound which created geometric patterns

The geometric patterns are created through interaction of REIKI energy via sound.  Our cells are being transformed from unhealthy/toxic to healthy functioning as our bodies intend.

As our cells contain Mitochondrial DNA. (Refer my book Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart and earlier articles )  I focus in Healings, Activating the MtDNA of the cells receiving the REIKI energy.

However you don’t have to be a REIKI healer to receive the benefits of healing through Activating your Mt,DNA visualising harmonious sound to create form through formlessness.

You can receive transformative sound also through Sound Bathing, beside oceans, streams waterfalls etc and saying to your HEART,

“I am now ready to receive the power of MtDNA Activation.” 

“I now allow myself Power and Light through MtDNA Activation bringing the true essence of rejuvenation.”

New evidence supporting the energy transfer can require a great deal from you because you are leaving so much behind. There is so much that must go because you are opening up to the release of restricted patterns of belief and old attitudes.

Just finding within yourself; your own trust in yourself; (your essence, individuality) and LOVE OF YOURSELF; to climb into yourself, and really merge with YOU.  YOU.   YOU.

Cells remain young and active with healing and sound as they maintain the density of their numbers.

Give your cells a workout by saying,   HEART I LOVE YOU,  and if guided, Activate your MtDNA, use REIKI or have Healings and Sound therapies to meet the cells energy requirements daily.

Your cells will love you for it.



Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart

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