Let your Heart be The Master

The heart is the Master gland of the Endocrine system. The endocrine system regulates the body’s functions and allows for the assimilation of light. By consciously activating the heart’s endocrine function the whole body is strengthened and rejuvenated.

The pituitary gland, located in the head and associated with the third eye was long considered by medical science to be the master gland of the endocrine system. The heart’s crucial endocrine function was being completely overlooked. The heart’s role in the endocrine system was unknown, even to cardiologists, until the discovery of cardiac hormones made it necessary to “completely revise the concept of heart function.” This discovery, published in the American Journal of Heart Circulatory Physiology (2006) expanded the field of cardiology and the heart was finally being recognized by medicalscience to be an imminent part of the “integrated systems of the body including nervous, endocrine, and immune systems.”1

In fact, the heart’s endocrine function is the master of the whole endocrine function! This is the single most important thing to embrace. The heart being an endocrine gland shifts the whole focus away from the mind. Suddenly, now it isn’t the mind running the show of human consciousness, it is the heart. By seeing the heart as a Master Endocrine, you are shifting the focus to the seat of the self, the seat of the soul. When the heart as the master gland of the endocrine system is activated, the endocrine function in the whole body becomes strengthened; this activation has facilitated profound healing experiences.

It is our endocrine systems that regulate most of our body’s functions. The glands of the endocrine system communicate via the release of hormones; these are the body’s chemical messengers. They transfer information throughout the body and influence almost every cell. The heart is a flexible organ, a living, breathing intelligence, a huge hormonal pumping station. It responds to emotion, sadness, and losses in the heart by pouring more energy into the troubled wound. If the heart goes into shock with grief and loss, the energetic damage can be enormous, as it puts a great strain not only on the heart, but the entire glandular system. The major glands of the endocrine system are: the heart, hypothalamus and pituitary glands, thyroid and parathyroid, adrenals, pineal gland, the reproductive organs, and the pancreas. This system and related hormones have a large influence on us. They regulate our moods, cell growth, development,tissue function, metabolism, and sexual and reproductive functions. So, when you consciously activate the heart as an endocrine gland, the whole body becomes strengthened, and you will feel the energy of it bringing to you your ability to rejuvenate.

Knowing the heart as a pivotal part of the endocrine system is an essential step in allowing your heart’s expanded intelligence to bring you into balance. The heart’s endocrine system can be opened and awakened through the power of the Sun and the Moon.

The moon acts as a conduit for the heart’s endocrine function. The moon’s power to create change in the human body is well documented and its great power in relation to our endocrine system is obvious. We have only to look at the reproductive cycles of women to see the strong connection between the moon, whose rhythm the reproductive cycle follows and the endocrine system, which regulates them. The Earth’s crust itself bulges toward the moon by around 30 cm as the moon passes over it. And, we have only to look at the cycle of the ocean tides to see another manifestation of the moon’s powerful influence on Earth.

The moon’s energy brings magnetic energy to the heart as its conductivity allows for a resonance to be set up in the molecular structure of the human body, because the molecular structure responds to vibration through sound frequencies. These sound frequencies emit a charge and the human heart awakens. Allowing the full moon to resonate with your energy field and allowing the heart’s endocrine gland to be activated brings you into a state of awareness, for all there is. Right now, activate the heart’s great reservoir of power, the moon for restoration and renewal, youth, and inner harmony.

You make a decision to activate your heart’s endocrine function by allowing yourself to reflect on what you previously thought your heart was capable of.

When the moon is evoked energetically or by moon bathing, you may feel a tightness or expansion in your chest. Ideally this activation of the heart’s endocrine function can be acknowledged as a group. Group consciousness implies that the group brings to the world the ideals shared by that group, and the ideals of the group bring power. You may like to invite others to form a heart activation group with you. The heart’s endocrine acknowledgment encourages group energy and consciousness. When distance stops one person from resonating to any group, attuning to the heart as an endocrine gland enables that person to feel closer to the group purpose. The activation of your heart’s endocrine function can also be done by yourself as an individual endeavor.

To awaken your heart to its full DNA potential, including both your Mitochondrial and double helix DNA, you must begin now to set up a resonance within yourself by visualizing your heart’s Mitochondrial and double helix DNA ready to take full activation.

“I now allow my heart’s Mitochondrial and double helix DNA to be fully opened to receive the power of the moon, through activation of my cellular memory for a fully awakened, intelligent heart.”

Be still and visualize the moon now as an intelligence. Really feel this intelligence. Right now you need to reflect on your heart,and what it wants.

The sun is a portal to the universe, the Moon another portal. Slip into the moon’s portal now, and allow the reflective nurturing qualities to give you all you need for your life. Breathe now deeply, powerfully, and rhythmically, breathe in the moon’s powers to heal and restore. Feel yourself just slipping into the moon’s radiance, be still in this energy. Really feel it.

When you feel complete with this activation, allow yourself to connect through the moon’s portal to the sun and feel now the difference in your heart. The moon births you to the sun, and the sun now begins to rejuvenate and bring power and light to you.

The sun is so intrinsically linked with our endocrine systems that there is even a sub system called the “vitamin D endocrine system.” It is named for the vitamin that is provided to our bodies by the sun. Vitamin D is an absolutely essential component for good health, it enables us to maintain good bone health, good immunity, a healthy heart, good cognitive function, and pain control.3 Healthy functioning of the endocrine system is essential to properly assimilate the Vitamin D that the sun provides and to assimilate the energy and information encoded within the sun’s light.

The light of the sun is the basis of life on our planet Earth; it gives energy and information for the biological life forms. Light is essentially made up of energy and information. It is emitted in tiny “packets” called photons. Photons are capable of carrying a great deal of embedded information.

If the stars and our sun and moon are considered the transmitters and boosters of the system, the biological life forms on Earth can be considered the “receivers” and for we humans, our endocrine system with our hearts as its master are the decoders.

Our sun transmits an enormous amount of energy and information and it is we, the biological life forms on planet Earth, who are the receivers. It is our endocrine systems with our hearts as its master that are most strongly associated with receiving and decoding the information embedded in our sun’s light.

Don’t underestimate the stars’ energy, as they are living beings, with life cycles lasting billion of years. The stars’ energy coming to Earth is filtered by the aura of the sun. It is the consciousness of the civilizations themselves that embed information in the light of the sun and carry it to your spiritual, etheric body, and to your physical body via your endocrine system and DNA.

When you acknowledge your heart as an endocrine gland and allow its full endocrine function, you are doing something that is essential for a fully functioning body, mind, and spirit. The endocrine function of the heart cannot be overstated in any healing work. Breathe in your capacity to feel that statement.

Heart I Love You,


REFERENCE: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart



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