Longevity = Mitochondrial DNA Activation (Mt DNA)

This recent interview with Professor Seyfried  who was interviewed by Dr Mercola demonstrated that Mitochondrial DNA disfunction is at some level responsible for “every single disease know to man.”  

I am beyond passionate about letting people know this fact that may save your life.

Imagine every single day in United States 1,600 people are dying of cancer.

According to Professor Seyfried  (refer article link end of story) current dogma is the problem  Ie. cancer is a genetic  disease.  Cancer is NOT a genetic disease and current treatment options are toxic which can see “the return of the disease reappear because of the treatments.”

Professor Seyfried and Dr Mercola studies reveal that by eating clean food the cells builds ketone which metabolites Mt DNA better, as being one practice to support healthy Mt DNA function as it is the inflammation caused by raised blood sugar which helps create the problem. They discuss many other alternative options as well.

When Mt DNA cardiac research became available I was astonished to read that our Hearts have the most concentrated form of Mt DNA. In the whole body with the heart having 40% Mt DNA.

You can try and imagine now you heart having its full 40% Mt DNA activated, begin to allow your heart to beat in resonance with an unknown Force, this Force being the allowance that Mt DNA healthy function will bring you raw power, light and energy to your body right now, releasing you from the collective dogma about diseases (such as cancer and Alzheimer’s)  being genetic. 

If 40% of Mt DNA is primarily concentrated in one “organ”; the Heart, and leading experts now have proven scientific testes to demonstrate that Mt DNA disfunction is the cause “of every single disease known to man” it is time we started shifting the focus to ‘the heart’ and its Mt DNA production.

How can the vibration of your heart be attuned to its MT DNA function consciously? 

How can we actually activate it to reach its potential of 40%? 

Ancient spiritual disciplines such as qi gong, yogic practices, sound therapies, healings directed to activate Mitochondrial brings about strength power and on many cases longevity giving the Mitochondria the ability to replicate themselves in a healthy way.

The experts agree that is it necessary to have Mt DNA with its integrity intact in order to replicate a healthy Mitochondria. 

We age and get disease because mutations within the MT DNA damage the protective coating that the Nucleic DNA needs and therefore be more readily damaged by free radicals .

Mt DNA is quite sensitive to damage by free radicals through stress, emotional imbalances nutritional deficiencies and exposure to chemical toxins, including chemical toxins found In every day products. 

By increasing and keeping a high number of Mitochondria within your cells and consciously repairing and maintaining the integrity of the Mt DNA is part of the secretof health and longevity. 

If “every single  disease known to man “ could be eradicated by education about Mitochondria disfunction and how to apply simple principles for a healthy long life, such as increasing 40% Mt DNA in our hearts, we can begin to co create with our Heart’s Intelligence to bring this Miracle to us.

Heart I Love you,  MtDNA….


Reference from my book: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart A Blue Print for Living in The Now.


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Article – Mercola Take Control of your Health 

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