How many times in a day do I hear?
“I’m just looking for Love.” We live off this drug of self-delusion.
This poor overworked verb, ‘LOVE’ is used to sell Food, Sex, Consumerables, etc.
You name it,…. ‘LOVE’ ….has the answer to all your problems!
The phrase, “Seek and you shall find” needs re-inventing!
What are you seeking to find in LOVE anyway?
Mostly we are seeking to find a lost part of ourselves; some missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle so our consciousness can develop.
Lets face it, what you thought love was, at the age of six years isn’t the same as the “heat and fire” of adolescent love, or love for commitment to a person as an adult!
..Yesterday one client in despair exclaimed
“I have been single for twenty years,
Im looking for a partner to share my life with!
On-line dating sucks. Its left me with nothing but misery.
All the men I meet are either married or with other women!
… I’m flying to a capital city to meet a man I’ve never seen,for the weekend.
Tell me Carmel will he be the right man for me?”
This woman’s agony is a universal one.
It comes from a space of deep suffering.
SUFFER NO MORE. Free yourself from your last remaining fear about abundance in love.
Strike a blow for all you have learnt, about this thing called Love, and Exclaim:
“I am now ready to receive, before I give, in order to Love.”

We are all encoded to believe receiving in love is Selfish!
Why?   I see this as a cultural pattern. “I’ve got to give in order to receive…”
My Client needs her answer….”What do I do?”
Carmel: “Go to the city to receive from everything!”
“Get your Love Itinerary!”…
“I would love to ……on this break”.
Of course this will include friendship, companionship and everything that feels right at that moment.
Ancient Egyptian Mother of Love.
Isis speaks: (from my book “The Alchemies of Isis)
“Your humanness doesn’t control your totality
Your humanness is ONE aspect of yourself, by challenging the emotional body to love.
It’s that simple!
You are being challenged to love through every living thing in your human form.

Heart I Love you, 


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