“My Heart is A Living Being”

When I asked several clients recently if they felt their Hearts were in their  lives,  I was shocked by the responses…”no, not all the time,  …. No,  no, …. I’m on empty ….I’m anxious,  I don’t feel my heart at all. ”

“Why? I asked,  the responses revealed ….”I don’t know ….I have just felt like this since before primary school,  another said  probably since 21 …….years,” another client said.

Our society is dealing with an epidemic of displaced heart energy, and when this happens, the void is filled up with anxiety, which can lead to depression, and psychosis if not managed.

People’s real life struggles – drugs, alcohol, fertility issues, divorce dramas….the list is endless… are the fodder for magazines selling that “priceless piece of real estate” the magazines front cover, which now is permanently hijacked by crops of faces arguably more infamous than they were ever famous.  Famous for what happened to them, not what they have achieved.

When you have real life struggles and are not famous (you are not drawing on attention seeking, and emotionally based sympathy from your fans)  you are in a “void” .  Yes, I am having this infertility issue too, but I am invisible.  My client,  Debbie (not her real name) is in her early 30’s,  she’s a mum of a two year old, in full time employment, feels guilty at having to put her little one in child care, she is now on IVF to have her second baby, depressed and exhausted.  She won’t find herself on a  magazine cover for her issues.

I would love to ask celebrities what healing they get to sort out their issues.  i.e.  Are you on anti depressants, anxiety disorder meds, are you seeking alternative support ?  Meditation, healings etc.

One very famous celebrity whose story went viral over her personal health issue, spent “secretly” one whole month in Aswan Egypt ,(known for the most powerful healing energy anywhere on earth),  receiving  healings with traditional Egyptian healers.  I was told this by a very informed Aswan source when I brought my group to Aswan, the Isle of Philae  home of healing Goddess Isis recently.  My source  reeled off VIP’s, famous politicians, celebrities, even royalty, who draw on ancient powerful healing techniques to bring their displaced spirits back into their hearts from life’s struggles.

Taking ‘personal responsibility’ for your issues is as simple as this exercise I gave one of my clients yesterday ,(she was suffering depression)
Here it is:
Your Heart is a Living Being.  Imagine now holding in your left hand a small warm animal (velvety soft bird, or mouse like creature) 
Feel it… Really connect to it…Pat it, stroke it….When you do this,  say to it… 
“Heart I love you.”    Imagining it is your heart.  Instantly you have found your heart connection.
It will help early stages of anxiety, giving you a chance to kick start your heart again after  “moments” of being run by your mind.
Perhaps the late great English author, journalist  Christopher Hitchens  summed it up when he said
“There’ s no such thing as notoriety in the United States these days, let alone infamy, celebrity is all.”  
Be your own celebrity, be on your own front cover,  hold your heart in your hand and be kind to “her”.
I’ve got the whole world in my hand.

Heart I love you.


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