My HEART IS Intelligent!

Beginning to take a STEP into The Language of The Heart; as opposed to the negative messages we keep receiving by so many, requires Discipline and Trust.

It is a dance of the Authentic Self making a STAND against the almighty Force of the Mind, which attaches itself like sticky tape to whatever it sees/hears etc.

We are right now needing to step outside this Collective Mind based view of reality and begin an INNER Dialogue with OURSELVES First..

Always begin your day with The Language of the HEART, by inviting it to Co-Create with you always. It is the PRIMARY Intelligence and one of “Pure Intelligence” not one produced by the “Collective Mind”.

Our responsibility to EARTH this Language is like taking a course to learn another language, it feels different and most of it doesn’t make sense to our mind.

OK, you now need to say:

“I am committing to my New Language Course with my teacher; She/he is my Intelligent Heart. She/he will be my teacher, I am the student.”

“I must give myself TIME to get to know this new language. ”

Lets begin: Lesson One – Day One:

“My Heart is Intelligent. I NOW Activate it for Remembering”.

(Remembering what? Your mind declares!)

“I am remembering to Receive Love”

When I hear fear talk and negativity; I cannot remember.

I must listen to my HEART/my Teacher.. My Teacher knows what I need to Receive Love in the human jungle of fear and negativity.

If this is my “PRIMARY INTELLIGENCE”, like a Primary School child, I must learn the language slowly to develop my Hearts brain. (Yes, my heart has a brain too!)

STOP and begin the Dialogue with your Heart!

“Heart, I love you; We have challenges today, here they are:

Write down/list the chellenges one by one.

“Help me remember why I am here and Why I choose this incarnation?

I accept that you (the Heart) are the “Primary Intelligence”.

Please help me today.”

Congratulations, you have just completed Lesson One in the School of your Intelligent Heart!

Connect with my Book: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart or my ONLINE COURSES too further develop your Heart Language..

Heart’s I love you ALL.


BOOK: Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart



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