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Natures Elements are a Living Reminder that we must allow ourselves connection with our true purpose on Earth.  For when you link with The Elements of AIR; FIRE; WATER and EARTH you are witnessing yourself in a constant co-creative relationship with ALL of Life.

Become a witness to Yourself Daily; (Hourly when stressed, over worked or sad) and allow the Sacred Forces through the Elements to assist you.

If you are feeling Mentally Overloaded, and you are living in your Mind; GO OUTSIDE; Breathe In, Cleansing Prana into your Being.  Attune to the life giving ELEMENT of AIR.   Feel the Breeze on your skin, the wind in your hair and allow yourself STILLNESS and Gentle Peace.   The Elements are always there to protect us and support us.

Emotions our of control, can reflect an IMBALANCE in the WATER ELEMENT.  80% of our body fluids are water.  THE HEART is the Receptor for the WATER Element; Bathe in and be near Water in any form; when you feel disconnected from your Heart.  The WATER ELEMENT is most connected to The Divine Feminine- SELF NURTURING and Opening up to RECEIVE.

Your FIRE ELEMENT when out of balance can see anger and ego manifest.  Drawing on the Golden Heart of the SUNLIGHT will bring your Divinely Masculine FIRE ELEMENT into Balance, taking you out of your fearful self.

The Elements are LIVING Energies and their true life can BALANCE you in an INSTANT if you ALLOW.

Allowing The Forces through Earth Mother’s EARTH ELEMENT help you if you are Ungrounded, Spacey and can’t manifest; Her MINERALS are millions and millions of years old, whilst SHE is a very Ancient Intelligence and your greatest FRIEND on EARTH.

Ask yourself:

  • Have I made meaningful contact today with The Elements?
  • When I got up this morning, did I say to the Sacred elements that I need their help for my day?
  • How do you ENGAGE The Elements?

You can do a little RITUAL every day by Seeing, Hearing, Tasting, Touching and Smelling the Elements.

What does the Element of Earth TASTE like?  Ie: delicious food cooked; Moist Damp Soils etc..  By ENGAGING The Elements and Connecting them to your Hearts SENSES, we begin to tap into a wondrously rich world which brings us pure Peace and Immortality.

What is our True purpose on Earth?

Ask The Elements;  See, Hear, Taste, Touch and Smell them, sequentially or individually.  FEEL them heal you and bring you back into BALANCE with your True Purpose in Being Human.  They are your Friends and Confidents.

Peace in your ONE HEART now.

Heart I love you,



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