A really nourished person is a joy filled human.

Our definition of nourishment must embrace the Physical, (good food, clean environment, healthy exercise programme) Emotional, (balanced harmonious and sustaining relationships) and Spiritual (i.e. Rituals, practices which support your totality.)

Who has time for all that, you may exclaim.

It all seems too much from a world that demands so much from us continually.

Let’s begin.  Do you ever ask your land, your country to nourish you?

How  many of us can say we are nourished, physical, emotionally and spiritually by our homeland?

In a world where alienation, indifference, self-absorption, “me only ” – I only do it for me; unfortunately can be the norm, it is time to reflect on how simple nourishment really is.

Sometimes we just need to lie down in nature, absorbing the stellar heavens in the evenings and allow the vibrations of our ‘cosmic friends’ the stars give us a sense of finding our land and develop a relationship with our earth, it’s cultural and artistic life to really nourish us.

Often just seeing yourself as being part of  ‘the big picture’  that we are all a ‘global village’ can allow us to feel inspired, becoming, the love leaders, and feeling the true love of our earth.

It costs nothing; only time, to nurture yourself lovingly.

The toughest part of being human is accepting ‘self responsibility’ .

To nourish you need to take complete and absolute responsibility for everything that is happening in your life.

This part of your journey is tough, because everywhere you are being presented with options to lay the blame on someone else, i. e. My bad marriage, my shocking childhood, the circumstances of my birth  etc.

This must stop if you want to challenge yourself to a fully realised path of nourishment.

By embracing the cyclical nature of reality you are accepting that the ‘self’ you, is the only thing you need to nourish. It moves through incarnations returns again in different forms. I believe when we take an expanded view of ‘nourishment’ it won’t feel such a task, a chore; it just becomes “who you are” 

If you allow your magical heart create with you continually, you open up a doorway to an  “All Truth” vibration bringing new realities to you.

These experiences create real and permanent nourishment . Just saying. “Allow. Allow, Allow ….I now allow self nourishment to be my core identity. ” 

Another self nourishment tool and a very important one, is to give no energy to any past aspect of yourself which interferes with your core belief in creating your absolutely perfect world.

It is time now for us as a species to merge with the Ancient Feminine Mysteries which are the alchemy to forward truth for yourself and others.

Respect for “self” must come before anything else and override all other considerations.

Respect brings core nourishment to you.

Allow. Allow. Allow.  

Hearts I love you all. 



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