Observing Emotions

As our year draws to a close it’s timely to reflect on our “busyness” which can sometimes bring emotional overload, as we try to get “everything” ……“done”.
A year finishing, invites reflection and introspection.
How often do we allow ourselves this “space” in the “busyness” of today’s life?
Is it possible to feel Bliss when everything has to “be done”? 

The journey you are on right now brings you to a space of absolute bliss if you allow yourself to begin to observe your emotions. For when you observe all around you, you are creating in wonder, all that you are capable of emotionally allowing. You are just feeling the flow and essence of all life create with you as you open up your heart to all there is. You are now, bringing to this new view of yourself the sense of absolute wonder for all there is. You are now feeling the need to allow this essence and wonder to permeate your very being.

This new view of yourself just brings you to a state of awareness of all there is around you and now you can partake in this new spectacle. You are dissolving into the energies of the space you are in and you are beginning to allow yourself to let go, to the experience of knowing “you” can do anything. For when you are in this consciousness you are truly embracing a view of yourself that knows who you really are, and you will begin to feel and see all that you need for your life.

Reflection can include you asking; Why am I  here? You are here on earth to experience these forces while in a body, living with your own emotional chaos most of the time, dealing with the mind, which can destroy in an instant if not guarded. These are you enemies in being human; your emotional body and your mind body.

Weapons must be used against them, when they become chaotic. The weapons of “All Truth” are evoked. Remember to reinforce to the mind and emotions.

“Is this ‘situation’ truth filled to my fully awakened intelligent heart?”

 We must challenge “situations” presented to us daily by reflecting on why our mind and emotional body needs to keep us “busy”, creating emotional overload by becoming chaotic..

By being Still and Attentive to your heart’s remembering you are activating dormant cells in your heart. Every cell becomes alive to its potential as the essence of this remembering brings you now into complete harmony with your own truth. For you are a witness to yourself in this remembering and you are bringing to your world your power to love. Your power to love is shaped by the conditions you feed it. What fodder are you feeding your heart right now?

Our lives are a cycle to create “Oneness” and as you crawl around into the spiral going within and within, you begin to experience the hypnotic effect of the hole and your vision becomes diffused and it is in this space that The Mysteries become revealed to you.

Our year is closing, find the “Space”, the “Hole”,  the “Oneness”,  your whole being will celebrate. 
Heart I Love You,

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