Our Economic System V’s Abundance

Who do you see as being abundant in your life?      Who isn’t?
List 10 abundant people you know?
Now, List 10 Who are not abundant?
What does their view of life (or lack of) reveal about them?

I challenge you now to ask yourself, “What does our economic system have to do with the way YOU view YOUR abundance?”

If you are abundant, you will probably say SWEET NOTHING!”
We get what we want and need without locking ourselves into the artificially created money system.
Actually, its simple to be abundant, its absolutely so simple, I’m going to demonstrate how easily it’s done.
Abundant people are earthed. You may observe they they constantly refer to nature and our earth to support them.

Try this:  First thing in the morning…. get out of bed and EARTH.
“GREETINGS MOTHER EARTH! … I’m journeying into the core of the earth to meet you (Imagine you are a character in Jules Verne book ” Journey to the Centre of the Earth” and meet this Being.)
“Mother, lets create a magical awesome day, and show me what exactly I need this day for my heart’s abundance.”
Energy now flows into your pelvis.
In Ober, Sinatra and Zuker’s groundbreaking book “Earthing”, scientific evidence demonstrates enough evidence to say, “Get shoes off right now.”
Your body becomes a negatively charged free energy electron machine, improving health, energy and sleep.
Earth charges you with her six sextillion metric ton battery,
“Wake up sleepy ones. Get outside.”
Ground, reintroduce your bare feet to Mother Earth, sleep grounded, 1/2 hr- bare feet daily…on Earth.
Take your consciousness to this wealth magnet, witness your abundance.

Defy the economic model enslaving us to its future!”

My book The High Priestess refers to Earthing to “establish order, discipline and ritual in your life,” our contemporary culture doesn’t really have such functions, so you are going to have to make a commitment to yourself here.


Heart I Love you, Carmel.

REFERENCE: The Alchemies of isis Embodiment through The High Priestess

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