The Public Service now uses this term to describe people who are suffering mental health in Government Departments in Australia.   Recent statistics reveals that one in five Australians suffers some form of mental health, and are “not present,” on the JOB.. The problem is so serious, it now has it own LABEL.
Ask yourself…..Are YOU PRESENT?
I hear from business owners continually that the inability of many staff to be ‘in the moment’ at work is so alarming that one owner has actually done her own statistics and found that certain ethnic groups perform and ‘are present’ that Australian workers in her industry.
How do you know when YOU are Present?

Why is it so hard for so many of us to be in ‘the present”.

In our culture there is a conditioning to be planning for “the future,” and that life must revolve around these plans. This thinking creates stress, even despair, many struggling to even understand what they want for this “uncertain” future,
To be ‘totally present’ implies that you must TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what YOU have created.

Taking responsibility for everything that happens to you means BEING PRESENT….
In writing this blog I must challenge myself to release distractions…. ( not enough time…should be some where else etc..)
Setting a “time” to do a task is being “present.”
YOU AND I have 15mins to write this. I give myself a full 15 min! (create a bargaining scenario with your MIND…we will go to the beach after this 15 mins)
When you give yourself ‘time” to BE PRESENT at work, in relationships, etc you are honouring your own ability to receive….
ALL OF LIFE requires us to Be PRESENT, because when we ARE PRESENT we are receiving something; ( the reward of the task completed a relationship being listened to) can save a marriage, or job. !!!! even a life…

When I wrote my first book “The Immortal Woman – A Blue Print for living in the Now.” I could only manage 20 mins of writing.
Over 2 years x 20 mins daily writing…..left me with a book to edit, market and print…. I now have a global book, respectfully received, even published in Norwegian .
Being present means letting yourself experience your unique relationship with yourself ..(here is a passage from The Immortals)
“Experience your own uniqueness with YOU BE PRESENT……. ITS ALL ABOUT YOU.” When you are Present YOU are YOU.….cool.
……Wow,…… blog finished…it took 12 mins…now for editing.
Heart I Love you
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