ACTIVATE Your Crystal Bowl


Five Important Steps to achieve your Crystal Tones®️ Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls®️ Highest Potential, to be the Stargate Tool it is meant to be!


The following techniques for ACTIVATING and Co-creating with your Crystal Tones®️ Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl®️ are designed by Carmel Glenane BA Dip Ed. Owner /Founder of Atlantis Rising Healing Centre & Mystery School™ a Crystal Tones® Partner..  These techniques were constructed for you to be able to achieve your Bowls Highest Potential.

This Course is designed to help you birth your Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Bowl to be the Stargate Tool it is meant to be. Your bowls fullest potential cannot be realised unless these Five Activations to your bowl are complete. Your bowl becomes One with your Intelligent Heart and Earth Mothers Intelligence to bring its alignment to Receive Love.

These Five Steps are to be completed sequentially after you have purchased your Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal bowl and at regular intervals afterwards.

Dedicating – Cleansing – Awakening – Charging – Programming..

If you have been given a bowl, or the store where you purchased from did not provide you with information; following these techniques will support you to get your bowl co-creating with you quickly.

The Course also Includes Careful Handling and Creating Safe Space…

** We play Crystal Tones®️ Alchemy Crystal bowls in All our Training Programmes.


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