Divine Kryon 9″ A0 – Third Eye Chakra


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*Apophyllite *Moldavite *Imperial Topaz *Pink Emerald *Platinum *Silver *Indigo *Clear Quartz

High Grade USA sourced Clear Quartz; Apophyllite; Morganite (Pink Emerald); Moldavite; Golden Topaz (Imperial Topaz); Indigo; Platinum and Silver

Apophyllite: Functioning as a light magnet of the Matrix, the Apophyllite bowl creates electromagnetic frequencies that activate the awareness of the natural circuitry we are living in. The lustrous tones of this alchemy bowl bathe you in frequencies of liquid light, leaving you with crystal clear vision to see through the shadows and illusions that surround us. This bowls triangular sacred geometric structure represents the Godhead, uplifting the body, mind and spirit. Apophyllite dispels discouragement, and casts light on all things, thereby providing a clear road map, to the next step you needed in order to release and manifest your divinity on this planet in its highestlightest full-frequency form.

Platinum Divine Feminine: Pastel rainbow elegance is achieved in our yin energy Platinum Bowl that stimulates the Divine Feminine, relieves stress and depression and aligns the intuitive emotional body. This stunning alchemical bowl unifies astral and physical body fields in a sonic opalescent rainbow bath – a super harmonizer/balancer. It has a calming, steadyinggrounding effect for perfect attunement resonance. A beautiful addition to any sacred union celebration

Moldavite  – Star Bridge: Extraordinarily beautiful Moldavite dark green tektite meteor stones meld with pure quartz crystal for an extraordinary journey. This divine fusion creates healing portals to higher consciousness. Moldavite (from Moldavia) links the stardust knowing of the crown chakra with the wisdom of the heart, activating all chakras at higher inter-dimensional frequencies to assist in reaching life potential…a true crystalline bridge to the stars.

Morganite: is the crystalline embodiment of divine love through service in ones’ life. Fully grateful and resonating with divine love, Morganite is a subtle translucent frequency that nurtures a state of higher awareness, higher being, and Grace. With purity and gentle passion for divine will in action, the overtone that this beautiful alchemy exudes, promotes the Oneness that allows us to hold the love frequency with clarityseeing the illusion of the past without regret, and helping manifest self-forgiveness. Morganite offers a conformational energy that allows you better to see that everything is perfection in process. Old burdens and tragedies dissolve as we fulfill our self-teaching, and the realization that the hardest lessons in life are the most important to our alignment and mastery. The clearing of habitual relationship patterns that no longer serve us is often a by-product of this alchemy, as we honor the unity of Spirit and embrace the Angelic Heart.

Indigo Mastery: A quantum-healing tool, the Indigo Clear Bowl links the pituitary gland and skeletal system, helps clear the mind and frees the past. It invokes the master within and gives clarity to psychic abilities and speaking one’s truth. The Indigo carries a Third Eye vibration of those who are fully realized at birth – natural spiritual teachersIt assists them in aligning with Earth energies. This bowl is perfect for Indigo children/adults and for visualizing global peace.

Imperial Topaz: The golden ray of manifestation, Divine will in one’s life. Imperial Topaz fosters the tuning of ones desires and creativity into more lucid channeling and dreaming with a super-clearing of the emotional body to align, enliven, and bring life force in for manifesting one’s pure intention. This alchemy has a potent calming effect on the adrenals, keeping one’s focus on their highest vision. Use this gem tonality to accelerate big shifts of awareness and avoid getting pulled back into old frequencies. Push through limitations into the next levels of awareness. Imperial Topaz will resonate with the energy that will help draw us to others that embrace similar harmonic fields.

Silver: Silver mirrors sophisticated elegance for the Aquarian Age and calls forth the sonic muse. With the look and feel of sterling silver, its yin healing qualities are powerful connectors to Source, creating and amplifying sacred space.  Silver cleanses with a pure colloidal effect as it balances and clears emotional/physical bodiesempowers intuition and rings with a “hallowed grounding” effect (much like Hematite). Silver is the cording energy for astral and physical bodies and the perfect complement for gemstones/minerals.

DOCTRINE OF SIGNAUTRES: Earth Mothers only wish for you is to have you Embrace your Humanness and be a completely Peace filled and Light Filled Being. She is your Mother, you are her child.


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