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All In One HEALING … Intelligent Heart Activation / Reiki / Alchemy Crystal Tones® Sound bowls…


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(2 customer reviews)


Amazing healing session completely tailored to you and can include: Ancient Egyptian Healing Techniques, Senju Kannon Reiki™, Healing with Alchemy Crystal Tones® Singing Bowls, Hormonal Balancing, Intelligent Heart Activations and Crystals.​ When making your booking, select a 1 hour (2 blocks), 90min (3 blocks) or 2 hour (4 blocks) session. Then select if you want to include a reading. To book a longer, custom session, please contact us.


Hi Carmel, Thanks for following up. I use my imagination a lot to heal myself and up until now I have been visualising my heart a healthy bright red, making sure I keep it firm and whole sitting on a cotton cloud to keep it safe. I usually find it melted away at the edges or hiding so I mend it again and put it back on it’s cloud. It’s been a precious, fragile thing I’ve had to look after and keep safe.      There was something you said just before you began the sound healing that all of a sudden I saw my heart at least 4 times the size, thick and robust, darker in colour and it no longer needed looking after.     It is a Strong Entity that can take the lead and be beside me as an equal not seeking protection but capable of taking on whatever comes along.          The mental shift has been amazing to observe.       I no longer feel vulnerable, if I feel anxiety in my body, I shift my attention to my Big Robust Heart and it’s sitting right there taking up so much space, Strong and Confident in its position.          I literally feel its presence outside of me where it resides in my body, taking up a huge space and so strong in its stance.          I feel not so much protected but like I have a partner next to me, it’s hard to put into words but so far it seems to have taken away my neediness and want for a relationship cause I am no longer alone. It’s a very strange concept, it’s filling a void which will allow me to change my focus to other things in life.      My compass is changing direction, I will no longer be seeking to fill this void. I have no idea where it will take me at the moment, I need to take my bearings and redirect my energy. Thank you so much for this life changing experience ❤️

2 reviews for Healing

  1. Angelika Smedley (verified owner)

    In 2023 I participated in Carmels ‘Birth One Heart Tour’; Birthing SEKHMET The Book of Remembering in Egypt. We Activated, Charged, Awakened and Programmed Rituals, 13 Gateways/ Portals of Self Forgiveness and Self Healing with Carmel. I plan to have regular Healings to deepen my committment to these Activations and Encodements…This has helped my to concretize these Activations and give me more of an understanding of connection to my own Self Forgiving and Self Healing…Empowering my own journey…Earthing deeper and deeper into my Cellular Memory, also deepens my connection with the Ancients…Follow-ups from a tour like Egypt is Vital for me as so much happens on these tours within a short time it’s impossible for me to soak it all in at Once…We are forever changing, forever developing and Carmel guides us to find the missing pieces in our own jigsaw puzzle of life…Greatly recommend folowups from any Tour or Course Carmel provides…THANK YOU CARMEL n ANCIENTS…Angelika

  2. Angelika Smedley (verified owner)

    Recently due to an incident I had been involved in, I was guided to have an urgent 30 minute facetime chat then a 60 minute Healing with Carmel. Before my healing Carmel was sending me information of support & tools I could activate to start my own self Healing process. Carmel then through our chat was guided by my Intelligent Heart for what I needed at that time. Then I received a 60 minute healing through Ancients, All Beings able to support us & Crystalline Intelligences. Carmel then followed up via e- mail with Guidance & Tools for me to use Daily, photos of Tarot cards used & Pure Alchemy Crystal Tones Singing Bowls & their encodements…This healing was tailored just for me, explained also how our Crystalline structures have certain personalities and then how we can use them for our own Self healing. Knowing that Carmel is only a phone call away no matter where we shall be living at the time is a great Support. I would definitely recommend Carmels healings especially 90 minutes for me as they have supported me so much in my journey…giving my more power & insight in our own Unique Journey.
    HEART❤️ I ❤️ Love ❤️ You

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