Reiki Level-1 – IN PERSON


1 Day – 8 Hour Intensive IN PERSON – One on One,  training with Senju Kannon Usui  Reiki Master Teacher – Carmel Glenane.    8 Hours Training:   Select 2 x  4 Hour Blocks either on the same day or split between two seperate days.

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1 Day – 8 Hour Intensive IN PERSON – One on One, training with Senju Kannon Usui  Reiki Master Teacher – Carmel Glenane.

As a Student of Senju Kannon Usui Reiki  Level 1 Course, your Commitment must be to YOURSELF…  Your Consciousness now is Being Entrained for my Revolutionary and Nurturing Training. 

During the Course you will Receive the ATTUNEMENT to the Senju Kannon & Traditional USUI LEVEL 1 of Reiki and will be able to instantly commence using the Senju Kannon Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Symbols to assist you each day to EARTH and INTEGRATE the energy to Earth Mother..   Aligning through your Intelligent Heart and the Heart of Earth Mother to Create MIRACLES in your life daily… Enabling you to use this Energetic Support to face Life’s Challenges with Grace and Ease.

Right Now, humanity is on the precipice… Become part of the Global Hearts Revolution to birth Safe and Powerful Reiki Training Level 1 Course Healings to give Yourself and your loved ones, community and All Life on Earth healing that will cut through illusion, and get to the source of your issues..

Reiki is life changing energy… I personally Self Treat every day and am able to feel instantly the Peace and Healing which Senju Kannon Usui Reiki Training Level 1 Course brings..

By Consciously awakening your Hearts Intelligence with Reiki Training Level 1 Course with my Globally Accredited Training Programme, you will Open Up a New Gateway… Your Heart will begin to Awaken to the One Heart so you can say:

“I am Loved; Safe and Protected”    

Allow the Force of Senju Kannon Usui Reiki Training Level 1 Course magic to take you into New Directions and ways of Being and Expecting MIRACLES every Day..


Additional information

Training Schedule

You can select to do the entire 8 hours over one day, or you can choose to do two 4 hour sessions over 2 days. Select which day/s you would prefer to do your two 4 hour sessions on.


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