Quantum Hearts Secrets

When we begin to connect to the HEART of ALL LIVING THINGS, recognising that our ‘HEARTS INTELLIGENCE’ is in fact a QUANTUM scientific fact, there is a pathway of beginning to feel true Inner Peace and Stillness amid the chaos of mundane reality.

When I read in the Dalai Lamas presentation that Science and Religious Philosophies integrated are ‘essential to the future of our species’; he was Activating a future where HEART’S QUANTUM reality is essentially ‘our future’.

He states:

  • “Right now when we see the sad things going on in the world, crying and prayer won’t achieve very much. Although we may be inclined to pray to Buddha or God, to help us solve these problems, they might reply that since we created these problems, its up to us to solve them.”

He is in effect saying: TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for all that is happening to you.

He further states:

  • “We need to take a Secular approach to promulgating UNIVERSAL Human Values”.

As our essential human nature is a Positive Heart Centered one, if we really make an attempt we CAN CHANGE our CONSCIOUSNESS to a ‘SECULAR QUAMTUM HEART’. We can ask for the assistance from Buddha, God etc to support us in ACTIVATING our Quantum Hearts Cellular Memory.

By taking RESPONSIBILITY for ALL that is happening and believing that there is a POSITIVE THREAD that binds us to the ALL of Every Living Thing, we begin to release to the Core Remembering of ourselves as ‘Earthlings’ connected to the Heart of ALL Living Things, we begin to attune to the QUANTUM HEART; the core remembering of ourselves as EARTHLINGS (not humans!)

By remembering who we really are; EARTHLINGS, having an experience in a human body, we are taking Responsibility and Connecting to the Heart of ALL Living Things. This reality allows our consciousness to flow in the true remembering of ‘who’ we are.

When we can remember who we really are, we Activate our traceability to the Stars and Earth Mother herself.

Neil deGrasse Tyson (source)develops the Quantum Heart philosophy in his statement:

  • “The atoms of our body are traceable to the stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients accross our galaxies, billions of years ago. For this reason we are biologically connected to Every Other Thing in the world. We are chemically connected to ALL molecules on Earth, and we are atomically connected to ALL atoms in the Universe, we are not figuratively , but Literally Stardust!”

As we are chemically connected to ALL molecule on Earth, we are being challenged to restate some core beliefs about the power of our Earth Beingness. EARTH MOTHER can only allow the energy of Her Beingness create in the essence of ALL we ever were and will be.

The real power we have now is to truly Activate the Central Core Matrix of our Hearts Intelligence and become the spectacle of our own humanness.

Quantum science and religious beliefs are beginning to become ‘ONE’, the power of our own ‘Selves’, our Immortal Intelligent Selves finds not only are we Biologically connected to every other thing and universal human values are essential to our belief in our totality.

So HOW do we ACTIVATE this ‘Core Remembering?

We can become the ‘spectacle of our own humanness’ by not referencing the past at all. (ie. the good old days) of course thisis an almighty CHALLENGE in being human. However, with Patience and Discipline, it is Achievable and the Reward is a REMEMBERED HEART.

In other words; we can’t ‘Remember’ unless we release the past completely and we REMEMBER we are QUANTUM INTELLIGENT HEARTS.

ALL becomes Possible.

As our species has created problems of massive ecological disaster, emotional disconnection from each other and Nature; one way to address this imbalance is to Collectively Co-create through Heart Intelligence, in Group Heart Activations; Kindness to each other and Taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for All that is happening to you.

Your Quantum Heart will LOVE you for it, so will Earth Mother!

Carmel Glenane


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