Receiving – Part 2

Right now, try and let yourself create a world with just ‘YOU’ in it.
“Impossible”, you say!
“I have so many responsibilities”, “I am needed by Everyone”
Quite frankly, we create this need, this obsessive need to be ‘something’ to everyone, at the expense of ourselves.
When you feel “needed” by others, it is a huge ego boost, and power trip for many of us.
Just for one day, I challenge you to stop and share your thoughts, mind meanderings, etc, with no one except yourself.
The trick is to just catch the thought before it multiplies into many realities and senarios.
You get caught up in the sticky web of your own fantasies and projections with others.
“How do I change this pattern,”? you ask-
Breathe. Just Breathe the energy back into your heart.
“Why bother?”
There is a very good reason for bothering, and it is your ability to receive, and say ‘YES’ to you.
Energy wasted goes out into the ethers, where it dissolves.
Now try dragging the energy you misuse at the expense of yourself, back home into your heart.
The result. True peace, lots more energy and power.
We cannot grow spiritually and strengthen our light body if we are in this constant state of emotional betrayal to ourselves.
Now is the time to act. View the next emotional encounter with someone through this new lens. Ask yourself “Why am I spending time with you?.” How will it benefit me?”
“This is selfish!” you say. Yes, you are very selfish when you indulge in anything or one who doesn’t serve the TRUE you.
Just for one day, record your observations of where your energy goes.
I guarantee you will be astounded at what you give, and why you are so exhausted emotionally at the end of the day.
You now have more energy for the most important person === YOU!



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