When we allow ourselves to receive we begin the journey to the heart.

Why is receiving so challenging?

Continually I am being presented with people from all walks of life and age groups who “shudder” when I say to them
“Why don’t you allow yourself to receive?”

Why? I feel it is because giving brings a sense of control over your own emotions, and the “person” or “situation” you are giving to.
It is a power trip really, all this “giving” and what’s more it indicates lack of “self esteem”.
To receive implies you must surrender your need to control an outcome in any situation.
Not being “in control:” implies weakness in a culture which decrees you must have “control:”, you must “help”, you must “give”, in order to get.
So, just turn inward now, and stop, and list all the people you allow yourself to receive from unconditionally without placing an agenda back on yourself to “give” back.

The tables are now turned. Examine your feelings., i.e. lack of control, can this person “harm” me emotionally, etc.
When we receive, we are attuning to the natural forces of nature to support us. It tells us we are emotionally mature to acknowledge we are able to be given to.

As I collect shells from my beach every morning, and give them to clients and visitors coming to my business, I observe how difficult it is for so many people to “receive”, a tiny shell without feeling “obliged” in some way to give something back.
Allow yourself to receive unconditionally, then you can give more “unconditionally” without the Hook-In of control.
Shells please, Yes I want My “shell” today.



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