Reiki and Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder affects approx. 80% of people in the western world at any one time in our lives.
Broadly classified, it embraces a number of conditions we all suffer from when there is a crisis, danger or threat. (real or imagined)
However, I am not addressing this aspect, but an on-going feeling of doom, low self esteem, panic attack, general gripping pain in the solar plexus.
It literally attacks you as you wake, can continue on and off during your day. Even sleep can be disturbed by anxiety.
One of the most amazing “Self Help Tools” available is Reiki;

Reiki Earths us;   in other words, it puts us in a space of “The Now”.
Anxiety usually manifests when we imagine future outcomes, projected on our mind screen, from past real or imagined events or situations, which may or may not have ever happened to you. (i.e. “I heard my friend say….similar to Chinese whispers, the story becomes distorted, when more fear attaches to it.)

By asking for help from Reiki energies (universal life force energy)
– placing your hands on your heart first… (your heart absorbs the greatest shock, sending your hormones into overdrive 1.) and
– saying “Heart I Love You” you have an instant immediate Earthing.

You can feel a warm current of energy throughout your body. This is True Earthing!!
Reiki Earths you!

This means you are immediately connecting to Mother Earth’s electrical magnetic energy, providing you with instant connection to your source energy..Mother Earth.

I have personally witnessed anxiety disorder cripple lives of loved ones of mine, where they are living in a state of permanent panic.
However, I have also witnessed when these same people use Reiki daily and practice the Reiki principles. They now lead medication free contented lives.

Allow yourself now to say “Yes” to your potential with this Ancient healing power – Reiki.
Reiki changes you.
It has saved my life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Get contented; Get Reiki in your life.

“Heart I Love you.”

Carmel Glenane is a Reiki Master of 4 Disiplines and founder of Senju Kannon Reiki™. She teaches and heals with Reiki and conducts tours to Sacred locations where Reiki was born.

REFERENCE : 1. “Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart”


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