Secrets of the Feminine DNA – Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA)

When Lori L Shemek PhD, best selling Author, wrote on “Mitochondria” recently she received overwhelming response to her article. One of sciences most badly kept secrets is the incredible power of MtDNA.

Our cells contain Mitochondrial DNA; it comes only from our mothers. It is our direct feminine lineage and it is the power source of our cells. By consciously activating your Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) you tap into a wondrously rich reservoir of raw power and your body becomes rejuvenated and charged with source energy.

The Mitochondrial DNA is the trigger for the complete restructuring of your humanness. This new definition of being human is now being offered to you, as you demand to have “all the information” that being human offers. When your heart’s intelligence is fully activated and awakened, this remembering becomes possible.

Whether your gender is male or female, your Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) is inherited only from your mother, unlike the linear, double helix DNA that is inherited from both parents, with one strand coming from your mother and one strand from your father that is located in the nucleus of the cell and is thus called nucleic DNA. The Mitochondrial DNA is circular and located in the cellular cytoplasm and comes only from the female.

The Mitochondrial DNA is the direct feminine lineage of humanity.

The Mitochondrial DNA powers our cells.

Scientists have traced the lineage of our MtDNA all the way back to a woman who lived in Africa an estimated 200,000 years ago. She is known as “Mitochondrial Eve.”

Mitochondrial Eve is our great grandmother; she is the common ancestor of all of the human beings existing on the Earth today. This does not mean that Mitochondrial Eve was the first woman alive, nor does it mean that she was the only woman alive at that time. What it does mean is that humanity’s feminine lineage, the common great, great, great, etc. grandmother of the present day human population was a black African woman, and we’ve all inherited her Mitochondrial DNA, thus she is known as Mitochondrial Eve.

The Mitochondrial DNA holds the secrets for longevity and a disease-free life. This DNA is now being recognized as having the power of powers to create a world of truth for humanity. Embedded in the MtDNA is the wisdom, power, and love of the source energy of humanity’s remembering. When we can attune to our MtDNA, we are connecting to the source energy of humanity’s remembrance, bringing wisdom, power, love, self-nurturing, and self-healing.

As well as holding information for the feminine lineage of humanity, the Mitochondria provide the energy for life. The Mitochondria are the power packs of our cells providing the body’s energy requirements. Mitochondria transform physical energy in the form of the food we ingest and the oxygen we inhale into a chemical energy form – ATP. ATP is a fuel that can be easily assimilated by the body’s cells; by activating your Mitochondrial DNA you tap into an abundant source of raw energy, bringing power and light to you, rejuvenating your cells, and providing powerful source energy.

Ancient spiritual disciplines such as Qui Gong activate the Mitochondria and these masters also demonstrate feats of incredible strength and power. Many also experience great longevity as a result.

Cells remain young and active with the Mitochondria maintaining the density of their numbers within the cell and therefore can readily meet the cell’s energy requirements while the structural integrity of the MtDNA is maintained. As people age or become sedentary, the number of Mitochondria within the cells tends to decrease therefore causing fatigue and low energy. Exercise in general is a way to increase the amount of Mitochondria in the cells. When the Mitochondria recognize that the body needs more energy they will replicate themselves, increasing their numbers within cells that need the extra energy. Recent studies show that exercise may minimize, and even reverse, age-associated declines in mitochondrial function.

The Mitochondria is the place where metabolism happens. It is the increase in the numbers of Mitochondria that occurs with exercise that can lead to weight loss. The number and activity of the Mitochondria within our cells determines our metabolism. When your Mitochondria are in low numbers or aren’t working properly, your metabolism operates less efficiently, resulting in the food we consume being stored, rather than metabolized. The Mitochondria convert the food we consume into energy. So, to lose body mass the Mitochondria must transform the energy stored in physical form to the chemical energy form of ATP that can be consumed by our cells in their activities. The greater the workload of the cells, the more Mitochondria required to supply energy to the cell. Thus, muscle contains more Mitochondria than fat cells, as they are more active. When the body is more active and requires greater amounts of energy the number of Mitochondria increase by replicating themselves and the rate of metabolism is increased.

For the Mitochondria to replicate themselves in a healthy way, it is necessary to have the MtDNA with its integrity intact in order to replicate a healthy Mitochondria. It is mutations within the MtDNA that cause us to age. MtDNA is without the protective coating that the nucleic DNA enjoys and therefore can be more readily damaged by free radicals. It is quite sensitive and damage to the MtDNA is increased by stress, emotional imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and exposure to chemical toxins, including some of those toxins found in everyday products. As humans age there tends to be a greater amount of damaged MtDNA within the cells. Fortunately, each Mitochondria has more than one copy of the MtDNA. When the Mitochondria replicate, in their innate wisdom, the most complete, intact, and undamaged MtDNA is chosen to be copied. When the mutation of the MtDNA within a cell reaches a certain rate and there is not enough Mitochondria with intact and undamaged MtDNA for replication within the cell, the remaining Mitochondria cannot provide sufficient energy for the continued cell survival. So the cell in a healthy system dies by the voluntary process known as apoptosis. The material within the cell is then recycled by the body. This prevents illness.

However, when this system fails and apoptosis doesn’t occur, the damaged cells will continue to replicate, resulting in good health being compromised. (Allowing cells to die and be recycled when they do not have enough Mitochondria with healthy MtDNA to replicate is a part of good health.) Increasing and keeping a high number of Mitochondria within your cells and consciously repairing and maintaining the integrity of the MtDNA is part of the secret of health and longevity.

I have been working with many clients over some years now, activating the MtDNA with astonishing results. One client (33 years old) is currently doing daily exercises to save herself from having a heart transplant. Right now, you are able to be part of this revolution to keep your cells young and healthy. Feel the power and strength MtDNA activations bring. By consciously activating your Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) through your Intelligent Heart you tap into a wondrously rich reservoir of raw power and your body becomes rejuvenated and charged with source energy.

Heart I Love You.


References:  My Book: “Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart A Blue Print for Living in the Now.”


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