Self Realization

My next 5 blogs allow you to explore a new reality, as you deepen your connection with your heart. Enjoy, share, and above all receive the wisdom of The Keepers of The Mysteries of The Divine Feminine……from my new book to be launched in 2014

The story of creation is one of Mystery, in fact Mystery surrounds all of creation, and it is to our own creation we must turn toward to enact the Mysteries of old. Our creation is a Mystery, in so much as it is really unknown to our other self, our self which lives in everyday reality. It is therefore essential that we turn off the light switch which continually re-enforces our mortal self and not our mysterious self. Our mysterious self is the code-breaker to free the mortal self to experience living not only human but humanely to the self.

Mystery always implies fear, danger and adventure rolled into one; our primitive brain reacts to Mystery with terror usually. A fear is immediately established, and it shuts down. There is an instant frozen moment, where the joy of what may have been mysterious, a revelation, is not allowed to be accessed. The primitive brain has control and the Mystery of being human, the Mystery of the potential creative self, is gone, forever, in some cases, and “you” the human, walk around with blinkers on, never knowing just why you are here, and why you don’t believe that a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow could ever exist.

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The imagination wants to believe in the Mystery.

The logical mind says “nonsense, how can this be, it is stupid , fanciful, and childish. Stop this silly imagining. This talk is only for children and imbeciles. Stop it now”. So over time, your imagination stops and the Mysteries, the secrets of the Divinely Feminine ones cannot be accessed at all. The facility for this imagination is lost forever in some cases.

Bringing the Mysteries into your consciousness creates commitment to a view of reality others may not share with you, and now is a time to make a decision as to how ‘you’ will live your life free of others attachments. Admittance to the Mysteries requires a separateness. Separation from those who may not tolerate your expanded view of consciousness. Yet this is all it is, an expanded view of consciousness. Your lens is wider, and it just keeps getting wider, the more the Mysteries are revealed to you. You need to feel that you deserve to be given access to The Mysteries of the Divine Feminine, challenging your previously held belief about your deservability to be directly accessing The Keepers of The Mysteries. Just shower yourself with love if you are challenged in any way. No other human being can honestly have control over your view of reality, because you are unique and your truth must be accessed and brought forward for you to evolve.




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