Self Realization – Part IV


To create the Mysteries in your own life you must live a life of truth and surrender. To surrender is the greatest learning a human must undergo and there is no other way to experience Bliss, Peace and Immortality. You must endeavour to practice surrender and observe small surrenders every day. Every dat practice a small surrender. What do I need to surrender today?

Ask yourself, “Where is my surrender now?” “What must I surrender today?”
To surrender implies in our human society, weakness and lack of strength. Actually the most ennobling thing a human can do is surrender. To surrender to the energy in war is to wave the white flag of surrender, this being an acknowledgment, not of weakness, but a willingness to give up control over a desired outcome. The white flag becomes a symbol of purity, of release and the ‘winners’ are traditionally benevolent towards the surrendering enemy.

To surrender gives power and freedom. I surrender to you doesn’t mean I am weaker than you, but I trust myself enough in love to really reclaim freedom over myself. I reclaim my freedom over myself through the loving act of surrendering to a Higher Force, that I acknowledge to protect me. I am surrendering to myself actually an aspect of myself who is able to feel freedom in truth. I am free when I can do this.

The art of surrender is the next step in attaining your own power over your relationship with yourself. This time is one of absolute surrender in the Divine sense. The art of surrender is the most powerful expression of your own essence. It is as if your essence is your’s now for the first time. The essence of your truth is your ability to really connect and be a part of the totality of your humanness right now. The joy of surrender cannot be over emphasised. The absolute joy of true surrender is an exquisite expression of yourself, and you are now in the process of experiencing this right now.

Create. Create. Create. To create the art of surrender, is believing in the joy of ‘this’ moment; this exquisite second to create in you, your truth. The Keepers are the surrender creators. The Keepers of the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine actually create the surrender process.

The surrender is part of the journey for your spiral upwards. Your chakra ascension begins with the Base Chakra. What do you have to surrender in your Base Chakra now? Your Base Chakra contains the blue print for your incarnation in your primitive society. Your primitive brain reacts to this craving for security, the cave energy, the need for security. Surrendering this fear creates the change in the structure of your Base Chakra; your Red Room.

Say to yourself:
“I now surrender my security, my Base Chakra fears, from all incarnations in all lifetimes, in the name of love and light and my absolute Divine truth.”

Now the Chakra’s energy field is fully cleared and surrendered, I am now able to open up to balancing and clearing all energy centres in my holographic body.




Artwork from Japanese visionery artist Shuichi Nakajima
Artwork from Japanese visionery artist Shuichi Nakajima

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