Self Realization – Part ll

The Mysteries of The Divine Feminine are now bringing to your life this sense of adventure. Just begin this adventure of self discovery now by plotting your journey to a self realised life.
A self realised life brings the Mystery of creation to you in a magical and personal form. Allow the Mysteries to unfold gently on your journey. This is an adventure and has all the elements of the ‘adventure’. The adventure is the beginning of trust in the self to explore the Mysteries. Let the curtain open to reveal your act..
You are on stage. This is act one. You are free. Feel the freedom of being on stage now beginning your journey. You are the performer. Witnessing your own performance now is an act of trust in yourself to create ‘you’.
‘You’ onstage. I am the fool. I am the adventurer. My life began as an adventure when I decided to reincarnate.

My soul has the blue print and I put it in my backpack, when I incarnated.

The soul said
“You have decided to find a lost part of yourself by being human”.
“Your blueprint for the journey is in the backpack. Don’t forget to check it regularly because ‘you’ can get ‘lost’ down there being human”.

Don’t forget, remember the mission..”Of course ‘you’ are excited”

There are so many adventures to be had, stories to be told, experiences to hold onto.
You are excited. Now you are at this space. You have read these transmissions so far. Your adventure begins NOW.
You are on the stage, you are about to perform. Let the performance begin.

Begin your breathing sequence, inviting The Keepers of The Mysteries in. They are here with you now as you are on stage. Acquaint yourself with your new environment. Feel it around you. You are an unknown place within yourself and need to familiarise yourself with this space.
You are curious, but this is a danger, curiosity at this point can get you into trouble. Don’t be just curious, this is self sabotage. Curiosity invites trouble.

Observe, be a witness to yourself and evoke protection.
Don’t attempt to go into the unknown unless you are protected and you can trust and rely on your protection.
If you have never evoked protection or been familiar with it you need to stop and consider where you are going. Do this now.

“In the name of love and light and in the name of my absolute Divine Truth, I now ask for protection on my journey to meet The Keepers of The Mysteries of The Divine Feminine. I seek the wisdom to evolve my souls path and live with peace and knowledge of what being human is and why I have incarnated to experience being human”.

Record your experiences…..




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