Self Realization – Part lll – Surrender

You are aware of the energy around you which control the forces of existence. You can see that you don’t have very much actual control over what you want in your world. You are now striving in this relationship with yourself, to bring about the changes required for your journey of truth and trust in your self for mastery of your desires and fears. You know that your desires and fears equate to one thing. The survival of the little self. The little self wants recognition and pleasure.
You are competing with your inner child at this time as she cries and screams for attention to be heard. You are needing validation for your journey in trust with yourself, as you bring home your truth to The Keepers.

You leave your struggles at the door.
This is important. This is needed.
Your needs, now need to be examined, as you create in a new way of exploring your relationship with The Keepers, because they are showing you, already what you have learnt about yourself. You need to feel responsible for only what you currently have, not anything of the past. The past creates barriers.

To arrive at The Keepers gateway needs ‘Surrender’.
This surrender of expectations is very important for your life of trust in your journey, right now. Just let go and wait empty to create the new. Total surrender of all expectations from The Keepers must be allowed now. In built into you, everything must be for your absolute Divine truth and nothing else, because there will be a karma to process along the way. The absolute Divine truth must be a knowing that in the surrender there is hope and peace for your journey. Peace and hope for your journey is in the surrender to your absolute Divine truth. Being in this state of divinity is very important for you now, as you create your absolute Divine truth in everything you do with The Keepers of the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine.

Allowing the surrender is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself, because you are the gift and you need to recognise that the gift and yourself are one. You need to focus now on yourself as being able to surrender by visualising yourself going into the great nothingness and letting go of all previously held expectations of what surrender is exactly.
Exactly what is surrender?
I surrender to you now.
I surrender in love to you now.
I am one in the surrendering.
I am one in the true surrendering process with you now as we create in oneness together. Your surrender to Divine order takes place as you acknowledge that you are one with truth, and oneness for all. The gift of surrender is the surprise of accepting at that moment there is an alchemy, a trust and a knowing that ‘you’ are capable of absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing, no mind, no thoughts.
Imagine yourself doing a sky diving jump.
Surrender. “Why? What’s in it for me?”
It is not uncommon for some people to take a sky dive when they reach a milestone, of say 40 years etc. Why?
The desire for the outcome must be greater than the fear of maybe dying if the parachute doesn’t release and you crash to your death.

It is the same with your fears. Just allowing yourself to go beyond this fear creates freedom and an abandonment which creates a strength in you to keep doing these fear releasing energies. Just surrender to you. Just go to you now.
You are free. You are one.
You are able to find within yourself acknowledgement about yourself you didn’t have before.

To arrive on The Keepers doorway and require admittance demands a great deal from you, because you are leaving so much behind. There is so much that must go, because a resurrection requires a stripping away of existing patterns of belief and old attitudes.
It is worth the sacrifice because you already have come so far in just getting this far in your life. You need to just find within yourself your own trust in your essence, your individuality, your love of yourself to climb into yourself and really merge with You. You. You. You.
It is always you and it always will be. There is no one else only ‘you’. No one is as important as yourself as you surrender.




Japanese Visionary Artist Shuichi Makajima's visual impression of this article on 'Surrender'.
Japanese Visionary Artist Shuichi Makajima’s visual impression of this article on ‘Surrender’.

Self Realization – Surrender – Part lll

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