Self Realization – Part V

All life is a celebration of your own joy in being human and you need now to create for your life now, the absolute joy love and wonder embracing and enfolding you now as you are the master magician and you hold the key to your own universe which is all of creation. Because there is no separation and fear there cannot be destruction. There is no destruction. There is no destruction because there is no fear. Your life is now a creative act of mergence with the Mysteries now. There is only one life. It is yours. The Keepers do not allow the unveiling of the Mysteries to the uninitiated. You must test the uninitiated aspect of yourself, and you must feel that you are ready for the journey. This is a time to really allow the sacred Mysteries to enfold in you first. You are the Mystery. You are the absolute essence of the sacred Mysteries and you need to acknowledge this to yourself for your unique life of trust and love in yourself. You are the sacred art, you are the Mystery.

The journey into the heart of yourself creates the pleasure of enlightenment and love for yourself. You need now to bring to yourself the Mysteries through the love of the sacred Mysteries themselves. The Sacred Mysteries themselves, keep reoccurring in a way which will astound you when you really allow them to be part of you. You need to feel the Mysteries in every living thing and honour the Mysteries in yourself. They are not hard they are easy. You must surrender to them and you must feel unafraid to really explore and test your own sacredness against the Mysteries. This is a time to really honour the Mysteries in yourself and to really bring to your life your sacred universal self. This is a time to believe in the sacred Mysteries as living energies within yourself, and create them within and without. This is your journey. You now need to gather the sacred Mysteries within yourself and create them in every way imaginable.

This is your time to create the sacred Mysteries within yourself and be with the energies of sacredness within you. You are one with the sacred Mysteries within you and you need to create the sacred Mysteries within you now. This is an important aspect of your identity. You must bring the sacred art of the Mysteries within you by respecting yourself first. The first introduction to the Mysteries is to the self. I am serving the self when I serve the Mysteries in me. I serve myself first, how can the Mysteries become part of me until I serve the self. I serve the self first, then the Mysteries will be revealed to me. I serve the self. The self is the master. You cannot serve another until you serve the self.

The Keepers are always observing you and they will bring now the force of oneness with you as you create with them. The freedom to explore your own inner self is the essence of the Mysteries. The essence of the Mysteries is in the creation of yourself as an artwork. Look at yourself as an artwork. It is perfect and pure of heart. To bring anything less is a denial of yourself and your potential. You need to feel the absolute beauty of yourself as a creative force. To bring yourself to the doorway, requires simple trust in yourself that you have done your very best, the absolute very best with what you have in your life now. You really need to experience this in yourself.

Which part of you needs to be made perfect now? What part of yourself now is needed to create with the Mysteries? Why are you not able to step up the stairs now, to embrace The Keepers? To be able to look at The Keepers in humility and love for yourself is the most important aspect of yourself. Don’t not view yourself negatively if there is something that hasn’t been worked on. What isn’t really beautiful to yourself you cannot really present it to The Keepers. Look at what you are offering The Keepers. Don’t offer rubbish. Offer the very best you can afford for it is what we can afford is what is being received. Allow this to happen in you now. You need to look at yourself before you visit the great Keepers. The great Osiris, needs to see you in your humility. Ask what you can offer now? What have you made of your life? What are you needing to seek spiritually which will purify? You need the essence of giving yourself the very best.




Artwork by Japanese Visionert Artist Shuichi Nakajima
Artwork by Japanese Visionery Artist Shuichi Nakajima

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