Sound and Self Sustainable Creation

Right now self sustainable creation is the most powerful reality you can attune to.  Imagine yourself as a self sustainable creation?  

To sustain yourself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, is an act of deep reverence for who ‘You’ are, and how ‘You’ can create from your heart’s own intelligence.  More importantly, it acknowledges your reverence for universal forces assisting you through the earth and stellar forces.

Imagine now, three space vessels locking in, firstly your Intelligent Heart as a space bell connecting to the Earth’s Heart and then The Black Heart of the Stellar Void (the night sky)

In opening up to the power of the Forces, you are bringing you, ‘ALL’ of everything in your life right now.

Earth Mother is a powerful manifestor of energy.  We can tap into this energy through sound.  Sound waves are formed through matrices and ley lines under the surface of the Earth, and bring you into resonance with ‘ALL’ of creation.

When we think or see serpents, we often become instinctually fearful, unless we are trained to respect them.  Serpents represent ancient Forces, that energetically create grid lines through the energetic structure of the Earth.  Snakes gather in certain energy portals creating special remembering .  These are called song lines in indigenous cultures.

By calling your own serpent power, found in your Self Nurturing Energy Centre at the base of your spine, you can activate your own kundalini or Fire Serpent power .  When you activate your Fire Serpent power with the gentle tap of your mallet on a crystal singing bowls (or other sound instrument),  visualising the consciousness of the crystal ie Ruby and Platinum infused with Clear Quartz  for example  (or what ever other minerals your singing bowl may be composed of) connecting to the ley lines or currents power grids through the Earth’s elements.

In other words by opening up your power centre in your pelvis this way and feeling the harmonic pull of the Earth’s magnetic power you are powering up your total being.  Minerals we need come from the Earth energetically this way, giving us magical energy and life force.

You can say to Earth Mother ….“I am ready to receive the magic of the Forces, your mysteries, your intelligence.  I am ready to create with you in wonder for all you are and your hearts intelligence matches mine.”

Just listen to the call of ‘ALL’, the magic of the ‘ALL’ calls the forces to you as you magnetise all you need for your magical life.  The secrets of life are in your own body!

When these energies of Earth, Stellar and Heart’s intelligence and its portals are balanced your body will stay pure and light.  Always activate your Hearts Intelligence first, then the Fire Serpent power activates.  Remember, sound is frozen in crystal and becomes activated when we allow the ‘ALL’ to create with us.

Heart I Love you. Carmel

REFERENCES: The Final Secret


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